Auto-Ethnographic Research: The Beauty of Thai Cuisine (Final + Verdict)


To recap my auto-ethnographic research on The Beauty of Thai Cuisine, and its variations from other southeast asian dishes, I’ve explored a few popular ones like the Thai Laksa, Coconut Agar-Agar Jellies, Thai Steamed fish  and even the iconic Tom Yam dish. In all honesty, the research did not go as I proposed in my post, but I would still consider this a successful one.

I’ve come a long way from the embarrassing Thai laksa incident to actually experience making Thai Laksa on my own. I’ve analyzed my old and new experience to relate on my thoughts on Thai cuisines. From my recorded documents, I did relate to a few dishes from the culture I’m familiar to. I found out that it is impressive how one dish can be interpreted differently from different culture. The question that was flowing inside my head before the research was ” why would…

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Auto-Ethnographic Research Podcast: The Thai Experience in Australia (Part 3)


Note: Play the Audio while proceeding with this post

Its Time For Thai Restaurant

Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 12.17.15 PM Source: Google Maps 

My Food

IMG_20171224_212832_364 Thai Laksa: Source: My Insta Story

The Menu

Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 12.17.43 PM Source: Its Time For Thai

Taste of Thai Restaurant

Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 12.19.03 PM.png Source: Google Maps 

The menu:

My Food

20180930_201010 From left: A bowl of rice, Tilapia fish with Thai Curry, Crispy Chicken with veggies and Thai Herb Soup

Herb Soup Source:

CORRECTION: Its not curry soup, its actually “Thai Herb Soup” which contains Mushrooms, Soy Sauce, and Garlic (Source)

Chicken Rendang with Lemang (Malaysia / Singapore / Indonesia)

Lemang and chicken rendang, bamboo glutinous rice dumpling with spicy meat dish Source: Google

Instant Tom Yam by Maggi

Things that I added with the Maggi Cube:

  1. Chicken
  2. Mushroom
  3. Prawns
  4. Water
  5. Onions
  6. Broccoli

More Instant Products


Furthering my research, I found out they are able to re-create drinks as well: Old Town White Coffee is an instant drink where consumers add the powder and water then stir it for 30…

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A Review on One Episode of Men on a Mission

Studio A

Men on a Mission.
아는 형님

Aka Knowing Bros or Ask Us Anything.
Episode S1: E2
Can be found on Netflix.

2018-10-13 (7).png

Basic Overview:

Korean male celebrities are in a high school setting pretending to be students, welcoming in star transfer students as guests every week and engaging in battles of witty humour and slapstick with the hosts Kang Ho-Dong, Lee Soo-Geun, Sang-Min Lee.
Episode Netflix Description: Eun Ji-Won from the group Sechs Kies challenges the class to a game of Indian poker. Kang Kyun-Sung, a singer from Noel, invites them to slackline.
First couple of minutes feature the guests asking quiz questions about themselves to the class.


I’ve noticed that quite a lot of Korean comedy techniques involves being sort of disrespectful or speaking down to people that are older than you. I’m learning that like in many cultures Koreans respect elders a lot, even if it’s just by a…

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A Review on One Episode of Mecha-Mecha Iketeru!

Studio A

Mecha-Mecha Iketeru


2018-10-13 (1)

Basic Overview:

Mecha-Mecha Iketeru is another variety game show that consists of a range of different games and skits that are often times not replayed again, making a unique experience each time. In this episode teams of Girl Group Japanese Idols “young manufactured stars/starlets marketed to be admired for their cuteness” declare their rivalries for other teams, take fun, light hearted jabs at each other and just have a good roast session for the first 16 minutes. Then they all play against each other in fun sports games each of the 8 girl groups has one team player go up and verse the other chosen players from other teams. All the girl groups have their own individual colour shirt to wear.
Three games were played Capture the Flag, High Jump and Sumo Wrestling.


In the beginning all the girls…

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K-What? Entering a K-Pop fandom.


At age 13 I had my first and only foray into an immersive, dominating fandom experience. It was Twilight and I was unequivocally Team Edward.

It was summer and nearly everyone in my drama class had been clutching at these books for almost a month. Everyone except my group of best friends, who, at the time, thought we were way too cool and emotionally advanced for ‘vampire romance’.

Throughout school we were avid readers, but for reasons I can’t remember, turned our noses up to the phenomenon that was Twilight. Perhaps it was too mainstream. We prized ourselves on our painfully hipster reputation.

However, I was the first to crack. Tagging along to the hairdressers with my Mum, I asked for a copy of Twilight. Ironically, of course.

As if entranced, I read the first book in under 24 hours. And so began one of the most enjoyable and bonding…

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Autoethnography continued …my experience

Tamara Kelly

.My idea was to look further into Japanese game shows, as they are really popular and often localised in other countries. I wanted to experience watching them myself and get a sense of the entertainment value they provide in their own countries and any others watching. There is definitely a Western fascination with them. Take this segment of Ellen’s show as an example.

Japan is known for many things including it’s beautiful scenery, architecture, traditional arts like Geishas, highly advanced technology and its mega cities. The people are known to be very polite and intelligent. So when you think of all this and then see these crazy game show concepts it’s quite interesting. They have so much creativity and fun.

I watched one episode of Downtown no gaki no tsukai ya. The episode involved 5 funny men going to 37 different stores to eat an 8 pack of Octopus balls. At…

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A Review on One Episode of Gag Concert

Studio A

Gag Concert | 개그콘서트 (2013.08.03)

Basic Overview:

A South Korean KBS founded Sketch Comedy TV show showcasing the power of stand up comedy. It started off in September 1999 and as it says online, Gag Concert is the oldest of South Korean comedy programs. In Gag concert a ton of different comedians show up to perform a variety of different skits to a live audience concert style. Episodes usually pass an hour and if one skit doesn’t suit you, chances are another will.

This episode featured the skits: The Boy Band / Still Alive / You Are So Bad / Real Modern Dictionary / Daddy's Little Girl / BBOOM Entertainment / Why We Don't Need Men / The King of Ratings / Yellow Sea / Badump Badump / The Legends / Dance Chatter / ...... / SISTAR29 / Ohseong and Haneum / The Uncomfortable Truth


Trying to condense the…

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No Frills Neil

Deciding to think what field site of Asian media that I could approach in an autoethnographic approach was quite difficult, to say the least. I wouldn’t say my knowledege of Asian media is extensive. As mentioned before in other previous blog posts [x][x], I come from a Filipino-Australian background. I have encountered several facets of Asian culture through aspects like Kdrama, Kpop, Anime, Fandoms, Food, TV shows/reality. However I wanted to choose a field site that was totally out of my comfort zone. As someone who does not take selfies or even have any social media with uploaded selfies, I decided to endeavour into the phenonemon of Asian selfie apps.

Now that has been established, this has brought me to my Digital Artefact. Why did I specifically choose Asian selfie apps as a field site? Well in the recent years, I’ve developed an interest in Korea…

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Independent Autoethnographic Project


Ever since I was little, films, TV shows have constantly been in my life, making them down the skatepark with friends and even conducting little skits before I ever even owned a proper camera. Seeing this it’s no doubt my direction at Uni was heading towards making films and studying to be a film maker. As I learnt very early into looking at Universities my teachers always made the impression to study what you love at Uni otherwise you probably won’t make it through. Digital Media was the way to go for me as it offered a place working with people who have been through the film industry with TAFE and also being a full time University student with a degree.

(These are a few screenshots of some films i worked on while at uni)

Instantly from day one the “cruisy” relaxed lifestyle of a film maker set in but…

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Is Ellis Good at Cooking?

Liam Prince

I’m finally at the back-end of the research side of things for my current digital artefact. Things are slowly progressing and I can now say that I have a little bit more of an understanding on Asian culture and cuisine, in particular, desserts. I’ve officially sorted all of my Data, Research and Communication issues and my DA is in full steam ahead. Looking into Asians desserts, I found it very interesting that Asians desserts are far less sweet and is much easier to create than most westernised desserts. As I explained in my previous blog, the way in which I present my work was still in discussion, and I was focusing on what way would result in most effect Digital Artefact. As explained through the Ellis Et Al reading, when presenting my work, aesthetics become very important. Presenting my research and my work creatively and in an aesthetically pleasing way…

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