Going Out With a (Muk) Bang

Mukbang, Korean for ‘eating broadcast’, first arrived to the internet 10 years ago – and no one could predict the popularity it would garner. The mukbang has been defined as a ‘new and unique phenomenon developed in a specific socio-historical context of Korea’ which ‘breaks the norms of traditional food culture and challenges the social norms governing the body and subjectivity’ (Destefanis, p. 112).


Social Gaming Perspectives

Alright so after a bunch of real world problems got in the way I’m back with a vengeance and ready to hunker down and focus on my work. My last posts were a little scattered, I wasn’t too sure what to lock in on. I have however finally decided what I’m going to look into.

Social gaming.

Yeah… It’s a pretty broad topic. What I really mean is the spaces that people play their video games in. I was unfortunately too young to truly experience the old arcade days, when people would compete at their local store for the top score on Pac-Man.

I’m not saying that social gaming is dead, all I mean is that in my experience as a twenty-something who lives in Australia, is that social gaming doesn’t seem to happen in arcades. People own consoles or PCs and simply play online.

I suppose what I’m really going to look at is where and how people play games. Obviously my own social circle is not the best research sample so I’m either going to have to make new friends or go to social gaming places. While arcades are not as common as they once were, there are still arcades in the city (Sydney) where I can go to first hand experience what I’m researching. There’s also the gaming community at university I can immerse myself in.

All in all I’m looking forward to seeing why people play games where and the way they do.

To start this off though, I really need a starting point. I’m going to start with how I play video games. In my bedroom I have my computer and my Xbox 360. I have a smart phone that plays some games but I don’t personally consider that a gaming device. I also own a Nintendo 3Ds which is basically my Pokemon machine. Outside of my bedroom I tend not to play too many video games.

The PC and 360 are difficult to relocate and none of my friends play multiplayer mobile or 3Ds games so all my multiplayer gaming happens in my bedroom. I’m OK with this since my mates are all readily accessible online whenever I want to play a game so this isn’t a problem. We all go on Skype and blast each other to pieces and it’s lots of fun. Honestly I can’t see my opinions changing based just on locale.