Master of killing time

The Master of Killing Time

When I told my girlfriend this week that my homework was to watch anime, she nearly died with laughter. Not because of it being anime, but it was because I had to watch some. Why is that funny? Well I have never been one to watch anime let alone enjoy it (unless you count Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon). Anyway, I decided I should watch something not many people would think of and this is what I found. A show called Tonari no Seki Kun- The master of killing time.

He pulled all those erasers out of his bag (source)

This show jumped out at me while I browsed this website dedicated to streaming anime. After watching the first short episode I was hooked. This show was amazing, all it was about was 2 kids at school; Yokoi-san, who is narrating the story and Seki-Kun, the mute kid who plays around in class instead of doing his work.  Yokoi-san is always trying to be the good student and work but ends up being obsessed with whatever Seki-Kun is doing. At the end of the show Yokoi-san always ends up in trouble while Seki-kun gets away with it.

You would think the teacher would notice (source)

As someone who rarely watches anything not in English I surprised myself when I had watched nearly 10 episodes of the show without realising. The show kept my attention and I had to know more. I was thoroughly entertained when Seki-kun spent an entire lesson polishing his desk and how Yokoi-san reacted and described what he was doing. The entire series is about 21 episodes and they are only 7 minute episodes. Watching this anime brought back memories of how bored I used to be in high school and how I wished I was as creative as Seki-kun.