I’m the sort of person who sets all of my clocks forward five minutes in an attempt to trick myself into being on time, yet who still manages to be obscenely late. Hence, this post is later than late.

My name is Lucy Fox. I’m studying Creative Arts/Communication and Media Studies majoring in Creative Writing, Journalism and Professional Writing, and International Media and Communications. I usually tell people I’m exclusively studying journalism, because otherwise I’m greeted with a confused frown and the question ‘so what are you going to do with that?’ to which I have no answers, only tears.

My strengths are not being able to drive, making unfunny jokes, and drinking coffee as though it’s the elixir of life (it is). I’d prefer to study the theory of autoethnography rather than undertake autoethnographic research, but that’s my own personal brand of nerd. I’m looking forward to seeing just how little I know about digital Asia, and how much I can change that in the next thirteen(ish) weeks


For week 1 it says we need to post a short intro about ourselves and our interests to the subject so here goes!

My name is Charlotte Olsen and I am a fourth year Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Communications and Media Student majoring in International Communication and Media Studies, minoring in Journalism and Professional Writing (gee isn’t that one huge mouthful!)

I could also potentially be completing a minor in Digital Media however I’m yet to make a decision on this.  Having completed BCM112 and DIGC202 and loving both of them, I thought it would be quite fitting to complete DIGC330 especially with my re-newed love for Pokemon taking off with Pokemon Go!  I am also really interested in Digital Asia as it is not something I know a lot about and I am eager to learn.  The concept of autoethnography scares me a little, and I hope I get it right in my blog posts coming up!