#Human tetris

‘Human Tetris’ – Group Digital Artifact

‘Human Tetris’
Keely and Hannah will be exploring and contrasting the original Japanese version of entertainment game show ‘Hole In the Wall’ with spin-off Australian version of the same name.
The fact that the show is so popular in Japan, although failed here within a month of broadcast is a definite point of interest – this can be the basis of the project with questions coming to light that we can look into such as:

• What are the similarities/differences between the two shows, in terms of production, characters, set and aesthetic appearances, air time, costumes, channel aired, industrial factors such as production value; producing companies etc.?
• Comparison and mash-up videos to be included in the Prezi that showcase these similarities and differences – maybe with audio commentary playing over the top to explain the relevance of shown video.
• Delve into the cultural differences between Australian and Japanese culture – could this be a factor when we think of the failure of the Australian version?
• Contrast the differences between technicalities – differences between Japanese-Australian production, set manufacture, collaboration with media companies for promotion etc. Do these factors influence the way in which the show is portrayed to the public?
• Why didn’t Australia just show the Japanese version on our channels? Why did they feel the need to remake the show? – explore concepts of Westernization, cosmopolitanism, cultural appropriation etc.