Individual Digital Artifacts for 2014

Now On My Way To Meet You | (Ije mannareo gamnida) – Courtney Tsapoutas

North Korea’s Digital Underground – Leah Foster

Japanese Car Culture [PDF]Paul Ciccarelli

Asian YouTubers – Lauren McGeorge

The EYK Compendium: The Fantastic Fandom of Eat Your Kimchi – Gemma Jamison

Digital Asia Autoethnography w. MrAngobango – Angus Baillie

@hannahsdigcartifact – Hannah Klomp

AutoE Let’s Play – Brendon Foye

Monster Hunter – Matt Bernard

Handheld Games –  Gabrielle Lester

Sailormoonismychildhood – Kristy O’Donnell

OneSummersDay – Anthony Rewak

Pokefan ARTicuno – Ellara Rainnie

The Faces of Ouran High School Host Club – Kaitlyn Grace

Connecting the Personal with the Cultural through Japanese horror – Anna Carroll

Japanese Car Culture – Initial D – Dave Carter

Experiencing Japanese Media Podcast – Sean Coles

Digital Asia Instagram – Hannah Klomp

Asian Beauty Trend – Mary O’Connell

Cultural Sovereignty – Caitlin Osborne

Heavy Metal in Asian Cultures – James Swanson

Cosplay: The First Encounter – Elizabeth Zammit



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