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A Summary

The auto-ethnographic process allowed me to think deeply and critically not only on my own experiences on how I feel about technologies overloading our lives but also how this is portrayed in Japanese anime, particularly investigating how this theme is the main plot for Psycho Pass and Sword Art Online. My first encounter in Psycho Pass really drew me into the idea that technologies could be in control of an entire state. This anime allowed me to think deeply into the idea that perhaps the director is not far off in the fact that our privacy and very existence is always being recorded and surveyed wherever we are. My digital artefact investigates the factors of the sci-fi and technology genre and image representation in Psycho Pass and Sword Art Online, specifically the third series Gun Gale online.

Before I watched Psycho Pass, I always had feelings of suspicion, like big…

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An Auto-ethnographic Experience: Psycho Pass

I was sitting in my living room scrolling through Netflix on television one night when I first encountered an anime section. Psycho Pass was one of the anime shows on there, and as it was recommended for me I decided to watch it. I turned off all the lights and lit some candles with a chai latte and biscuits in hand. I have watched anime since I was very young, so I’ve had some experience in some of the anime crime genres such as Death Note and Sword Art Online III Gun Gale Online.

“My head is overflowing with thoughts I can’t allow anyone to know about”

 A helicopter rides over the city with a theme song that delves into perhaps a characters thoughts. As she tells the story, she narrates her surroundings and experiences.The heavy sounds of rain surround the livingroom and suddenly I am looking into the…

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Expanding Horizons

When I watched Ghost in the Shell for the first time in class, I was so drawn to the main story line that I completely forgot to look deeply into its themes that relate to our own world. Nudity was definitely a large issue that was often brought up throughout discussion; however I have decided to look deeply into another issue that seemed to be quite hidden in the background of the main story line.

Political corruption and organised crime were the main themes overlooked in this film. This issue was often displayed in the background of the film. I’ve decided to write this post on a political side of view, especially in relation towards the films post-nuclear war setting that has caused itself to look into Japans organised crime. This was mentioned especially with the uprising of the black market, the war on drugs and on cyber-terrorism, which of…

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I’ll probably never get it, even after the 100th time

I got really excited in class when we had the opportunity to watch Ghost in the Shell. In fact the first thing I did was Snap Chat my sister with a comment “jealous?” on the image. It seemed as though most people had a familiarity with the film, which made the discussion quite interesting. I had only watched this movie a few times before in Japanese, with English subtitles. I do enjoy watching anime, however from experience I can say that this one is not particularly a favourite due to its complex storyline. However, when it comes to the female lead and her “kick-ass” sense of style it is definitely up there in my top 10.

I have a personal interest in short hairstyles from science fiction movies. The character Major Matoko Kusanagi in this film is actually one of the hairstyles I printed off for the hairdresser along with

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