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Exploring Japanese Idol Culture


In my blog post last week I mentioned that my DA will be about Japanese idol culture, and I will analyze it in the future. This week’s theme blog will describe the process of ethnography, so I want to talk about why I am concerned about and want to explore Japanese idol culture.

When I was young, or it could be in the early and high school days, K-POP culture was more popular in China. My understanding of Japan can be said to be only the animation aspect, and I know nothing about other aspects. I don’t know what idol groups are. Probably in the past few years, a girl’s group called SNH48 was born in China. The popularity is very well known in the past two years. This the way I got to know the culture of Japanese idols. In my opinion, the biggest difference between Japanese idols and…

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Japanese idol culture


This topic about the relevant aspects of Asian media. What I want to say is that I understand the Asian culture, especially the media culture in China, but because of the curriculum and requirements, I have to explore one is not very The area of ​​understanding. Because autoethnography is important in the personal cultural experience in order to discuss and provide reflexive accounts. I learned the thoughts and meanings of others through my own perceptions, so I chose an aspect that I am more interested in the Japanese idol culture.


In my opinion, the Japanese idol culture can also be said the Japanese music type is quite different in Asia. According to my understanding, most Asian music types are more affected by K-POP, which is the same in western countries. K-POP is a field that everyone knows more, and Japanese and their idol culture and South Korea have a big…

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This week’s theme is Autoethnography, an approach to research and writing that aims to describe and systematically analyze personal experiences in order to understand cultural experiences. (Ellis 2011). My understanding of this point is probably to analyze the values ​​of the whole thing through the background, including cultural and religious beliefs.

This week, we will take a deeper understanding by watching a Japanese anime ‘Akira’. First of all, I want to explain that Japan and South Korea are in East Asia, and their values ​​and worldview are largely different from Western culture. Although many of the cyberpunk movies in the West can be seen in the shadow of East Asian culture, it seems that the views expressed are always different.


The success of “Akira” not only depicts and predicts the social phenomena and trends soon that are within reach but also puts forward the theory of where the future…

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The Host-Week one


The name of this subject is called digital Asia. To be honest, I am very interested when I finish the subject outline. As an Asian student, I clearly understand the history and cultural background of the Asian (East Asian) generation, so I think that the film viewing of this semester may be more highly commentary to me.

I haven’t seen the Korean movie of The Host, but I was a few years ago, probably in 2013, I saw a similar Korean movie called Deranged. In my opinion, The Host should be an earlier disaster film in Korea, which is different from the horror film. This kind of is more realistic. Like changes in the environment and the greed of humans, the environment is polluted and there are stories of unidentified biological invasions threatening humans. An interesting little discovery, the Korean disaster film can never be separated from the…

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