Author: Trang Bùi

BCM-BINTs | Class of 2021 | UOW

BCM320 Digital ArteFact: Reading Translated Chinese Netizens’ Top Comments: A Non-Canonical Way to Chinese Media Studies

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As part of the Digital Asia (BCM320) subject, I have been developing a digital artefact (DA) addressing my individual autoethnographic experience and research into the Sinophone sphere. Initially inspired by the live-tweeting session ofGuardian(2018; akaZhen Hun) in BCM320, I gave atrial/ briefaccount of my independent autoethnographic investigation, which looks into the production and consumption of translated Chinese netizens’ top comments on Vietnamese Facebook. Despite a media ritual, as I became busier towards the end of the semester, I outlined a plan for the conducting of my research and related practices to ensure the progress of my DA.

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BCM320 Blog Post 1

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The first class of the Digital Asia subject (BCM320) inundated me with the fast pace of the class. Despite my sluggish brain’s resistance to stay awake in the early morning, I felt a surge of pure adrenalin as soon as I heard the term “live-tweeting” and more importantly, the unbelievable juxtaposition of the “due” and “week 1” words on the slide. Clearly, I was underprepared for the first screening as well as the first week of BCM320 due to my negligence on reviewing the subject outline before attending the seminar. As I had already exposed to live-tweeting before in the Future Culture class (BCM325), I tried to regain my composure to examine my first BCM320’s media text –The Host(2006).

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