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An Autoethnographic approach

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My blog post for blog 3 used elements of the Autoethnographic methodology outlined by Ellis et al (2011) to deliver a personal narrative experience through which I outlined my ideas drawing from personal experiences, my initial perceptions/questions on how a new media type may alter my understanding during the experience, and my research methods and data collection. Looking back at blog post 3 I am still a bit iffy with the whole idea of Manga because I feel like it won’t live up to Anime and what have enjoyed viewing in the past, therefore I might lose engagement in the digital artefact (DA). This is probably due to my personality, always cautious and passive with new ideas and concepts until after the experience when I later wonder why I ever doubted the change and my own ability to go after something new.Image result for manga vs anime meme

Therefore I believe this process will provide more…

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Research Project: Manga

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For the research project I have decided to look at Manga, a Japanese comic and cartooning style developed in the late 19th century and focus on the Seinen type of Manga.

My reason for deciding on this topic was because of my past experience with what would have been Shonen Japanese texts. I enjoy watching and passively observing a text to get an uninterrupted understanding of what is happening, free from distractions. Having watched the complete Dragon Ball Z series and spinoffs, and some of One Piece and Pokemon throughout my childhood I am familiar with texts from other cultures and different forms of texts such as Manga. Unlike Anime (watching, interpreting and understanding), Manga requires a different processing (reading, interpreting and understanding) to understand the text and appreciate it, this provides more leeway in the audiences ability to imagine instead of being shown something for what it is and…

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Akira the OG of Anime

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In this weeks BCM320 seminar, we viewed the animated film ‘Akira’, whilst continuing the live tweeting experience that this subject has introduced me to. Prior to this films viewing I was already a big fan of the animated TV show ‘Dragon Ball Z’, growing up watching it before and later watching the newer series and films that have followed.

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Hours after watching ‘Akira’ I found myself trying to explain what the film was about, to an exchange student from Hong Kong. When thinking about how to best explain the film  I got caught up in what happened in the film and it was hard for her to follow the storyline of what I was saying. I ended up saying something like “Shotaro’s friend got in an accident, gained telekinetic powers, turned on his friends and destroyed the whole city with ‘Akira’, a transendental being, in some kind of big bang?”. I realised…

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New meanings to Old stories

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Throughout my life i’ve always been aware of other cultures presence having family friends, relatives and even some of my siblings friends who are from other cultural backgrounds. My cultural background is pretty much “Australian” with some “asian” influence having a grandma who is half Indonesian. To me, having having some kind of cultural connection is a bonus and adds to the quality of my life. Cultural connection allows me to better appreciate, understand, empathise and belong to a culture through events and celebrations, family stories, and the authentic food and recipes.

During this weeks seminar I was introduced to the world of Twitter. While watching the 1954 Japanese ‘Gojira’ film for the first time, I felt a sense of nostalgia as i’d always known of this monster and even seen some remakes. Now that i’m thinking about it, i’ve never given Gojira/Godzilla much thought and always automatically classed these films…

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