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Akira (1988): An Autoethnographic Reflection

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Japanese animation and the entirety of the medium is something that I am not overly familiar with, so when I heard that we would be watching Akira (1988) in class, I was excited. Growing up between England and Australia, the media that I consumed was overly ‘western,’ and only came out of Hollywood. It was only during Japanese language class in High School that I watched my first anime, Spirited Away (2001). I remember feeling as though it was different to anything I had ever watched before, and the foreignness of the elements of Japanese culture in the film, intrigued me.

Since then, I have had very little further interaction with anime or media from Japan at all. Only occasionally watching films and series’ recommended from family members and friends who avidly engage with the medium. So whilst watching the film, I was already coming in with a perspective and…

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Week 1 Screening: The Host #BCM320

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The film begins at Seoul’s Han River; a setting I am no stranger to, being an avid watcher of Korean films and television. The Host is a 2006 film, directed by Bong Joon-ho. Described as an action, drama, and horror film, all in one, I knew I was in for a ride. Even though, I am well acquainted with reading subtitles and understand a bit of the Korean dialogue happening onscreen, the challenge of live-tweeting at the same time was undeniably difficult. Nevertheless, I began trying my best to adapt to this new kind of media consumption juggling act.

Growing up between both the United Kingdom and Australia, I was exposed to very little Asian media. It was only as I entered University and moved from the small town I grew up in, I began being exposed to media from cultures all over the world. As my friends and I…

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