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[BCM 320] Ethnography for your Ear-Holes!


Bloom Blap! My car speakers reverberated, Triple J blasting through the radio. My Subaru vibrated with the bass. Aggressive and over-the-top rap bars blared. As I continued my journey, the song would break down in a mixture of synths, echoes, vocal harmonies and percussion in one epic Hip-Hop medley.

I loved every second of it, surprised that I hadn’t yet heard the unknown song before, nor could I recognise the artist singing.

Tom Tilley, the radio host’s voice interrupted my thoughts, “That was a new track called ‘Kids’ by Rich Brian; you’re listening to Triple J!”

Rich Brian? I thought. No way! I was already familiar with the Indonesian-born rapper Rich Brian as I had listened to a lot of his earlier albums while I was still in High School. Back then, Brian’s style seemed to be directly influenced by American rap; or as Jones (2017) puts it, glamorising violence…

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[BCM 320] Akira: An Autoethnographic Experience?


Hey guys!

This week in BCM 320 the class Live-Tweeted whilst watching ‘Akira’, a hugely-influential Japanese anime film released in 1988. Below is an overview of my experience and the insight and understanding I have gained as a result of my consumption of the film and simultaneous participation in a discussion with my peers. I will appraise my understanding of the concept of autoethnography in relation to my contributions to the Week 3 Live-Tweeting session.

In the words of Ellis et al, “even though some researchers still assume that research can be done from a neutral, impersonal, and objective stance, most now recognise that such an assumption is not tenable” (Ellis, 2010). In light of this, I feel it is necessary to first unpack my own subjective viewpoint and framework through which I entered into this research and Live-Tweeting session before going on to explain what I have learnt…

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[BCM 320] And Now, a Post About “The Host”!


Hello there!

Recently I watched the 2006 South-Korean film “The Host” and engaged in Live-Tweeting during my viewing of the movie.

As I have previously Live-Tweeted films before in other subjects, I was familiar with this activity. However, unlike what I have accomplished previously, “The Host” is a movie with a societal, social and cultural origin very different from that of my own. As such, watching and Live-Tweeting the film was a unique experience that allowed me to examine my own background and personal framework.

When it comes to Asian culture, ―and more specifically, Asian cinema― I have very little knowledge of the concept and what it entails. Coming from a Caucasian Australian household, much of the media I accessed and consumed during my childhood and the majority of my teenage years was Western; these being television, films, games and music that were influenced by ―or directly exported…

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