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Final Reflection

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The concept behind this project was to find a way to explore autoethnographic research, focusing mainly, on Asia. For this, I picked a well-known Japanese horror commuter game called ‘Corpse Party’, as I had already watched the short TV series that was made based on the game. Some of the reasons for this choice in the game came down to my love of the horror genre, and a desire to see if I could play a horror game (because I am such a wimp when it comes to horror games). But also, to see if the game itself reflected Japanese culture. This would then lead to further research into the game, and eventually into reading Asian Urban legends which became the focus of the next part of my project.



In the beginning, it was all about wanting to try my hand at a ‘Let’s play’ video. I have…

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10 Urban Legends from my bed

Digital artifact

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I did a short “react” video to some urban legends found here, that apparently come from all over Asia. I decided to film this while I was in bed. A rather “spur of the moment” decision. The angle isn’t great, and the camera does move a bit, but I wanted to capture my immediate reaction, rather than do it again, and I really wanted to be comfortable (like I would be watching any horror movie) reading these as they’re quite creepy. I felt my skin crawl for a few of them. So enjoy, let me know what you think of the stories. What is your take on them?

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Autoethnographic research, as I understand it

The Pink Protagonist

I honestly didn’t know what to think about Autoethnographic research when I began the task of playing ‘Corpse party’ for my little project. The idea that experiencing something as a form of legitimate way to collect data baffled me and I wasn’t sure how well I would do, and I wasn’t all that keen to start. Even though I fully threw myself into the task, like I do with anything these days that is new, I wasn’t sure if the outcome would be very fruitful. How wrong I was.

tumblr_mvlht45eei1s0xrqjo1_500 Franco, J 2013, HAPPY NEW MONTH! Wrapping up October 2013, Nov 2,

Through experiencing the game, and the research I did to back up my little let’s play experiment, my eyes were opened to a new way of looking at the horror genre.  When watching these movies and TV shows, I never really stopped to think…

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Corpse Party Final blog

The Pink Protagonist Writes

The idea for doing a lets play video as part of my own autoethnographic research seemed like a good idea at the time, however that is exactly what I lacked. Time.  And these games really do require time to get into to fully appreciate and enjoy them.

The game itself is actually not that bad. I think, given the chance, I would very much like to go back and try it again. But this time without the pressure to keep a video to a reasonable timeframe. This is a heavily story based game, and you’re meant to take in a lot of information and follow a fair few clues so you can get the ultimate ending. I adored the use of 2-bit animation, and the fact this was coupled with anime cartoons. It really was a well-made game and I can see why it has done so well.

I was definitely…

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Corpse Party Lets play-part 3

The Pink Protagonist

So, this blog will be a tad different due mainly to the fact that I have not yet made my ‘let’s play’ video. That will be coming sometime over the weekend I hope. 

(Warning: This blog will contain spoilers for the game and anime series. Do not continue to read if you don’t want the main plot ruined. It also contains images that might be considered disturbing to some people.) 

Part of the reason I wanted to play this particular game as part of my own personal autoethnography research project, was that my experiences of Japanese culture, through their anime, manga and horror films, has been pretty passive. I sit and I watch. I do not engage much past that. The decision to play a popular game, especially one of the horror genre, was about actively participating in the content, which I have since discovered, is heavily based…

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Corpse Party, let’s play-2

The Pink Protagonist

So I’ve played a little bit more of the game. Not much. Honestly felt like I played for a few seconds and then ended up with a 20 minute video. Considering playing for far longer in my next. We will see.

However, I have taken a few little things away from that short time playing, and that is that even if it’s cute little pixel art characters I am a complete wuss when it comes to horror games! The few times things started to happen, as the music amped up. But heart was in my throats and I was freaking out. It certainly didn’t help that I’m aware of what might happen (should my game play end up following the story line of the anime series).

Another thing I’ve realised was when editing the video. I really must invest in a good microphone. Unfortunately, as you’ll notice, my audio isn’t…

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Corpse Party lets Play: the begining

Linking here to the two other blogs as an error when re-blogging means I’m no longer able to re-blog here.

Corpse Party Part 2

Corpse Party part 3

The Pink Protagonist Writes

Tortured_Souls_characters Original image came from

Ok, so as promised in my video I will write this mini blog with a bit more information about ‘Corpse Party’. My intention is to do a few let’s play videos for this game, with the goal to finish the game. But we will see how we go.

As stated in my video, the game itself has a pretty massive intro that requires a lot of reading. This did mean that my first video is pretty much all intro into the game as it took close to 20 minutes just to do what I did. I have yet to find anyone that has transcribed the whole game. I am sorry for skipping through the text so fast. I will keep digging to see if I find one. OR, if time permits, maybe just write one up myself.

So, Corpse party was first released in 1996…

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The Pink Protagonist

My first introduction to the Godzilla franchise, was the 1998 Roland Emmerich remake when I was 13 years old. Back then, I believed that the film was trying to focus on the environmental impact that humans were having on the world through the testing of weapons of war. After seeing the original 1954 film by Toho, I realised I was not far off the mark. However, the real story is far, far deeper. Drawing parallels between WWII and the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and human destruction of each other.

My fascination with the original movie as I watched, however, was not just how deep the story was. Or, in fact, how incredibly dialog driven most of the scenes were, where politicians and media outlets were at war with each other on how much information they believed the public was to be given. Though, I am disappointed (not surprised…

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