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Learn Korean With Me! + Contextual Essay

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If you have been following my blog for the last couple of months, you may be aware of the fact that I have taken it upon myself to learn the Korean language. I have blog post explaining the initial idea here and and update of my progress here.

Ellis begins to describe autoethnography as an approach to research and writing that seeks to describe and analyse personal experience in order to understand cultural experience (Ellis, 2011). For my digital artefact I engaged with autoethnographic research by learning the Korean language through the mobile app Duolingo and to communicate my personal experience of engaging with the language I vlogged the process and uploaded it onto YouTube.

As autoethnographers not only try to make personal experience meaningful and cultural experience engaging, but also, by producing accessible texts, they may be able to reach wider and more diverse mass audiences that…

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Language and Autoethnography

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If you’re confused on what this post is about, check out my previous post here about why I’m studying Korean! Throughout this post, I will be analysing my previous work and my first interactions with learning Korean on my own.

When I first looked up the Korean alphabet to get a quick understanding of what I was getting myself into, a first glance I was initially worried that I wouldn’t have enough time to remember the different vowels and consonants by themselves as well as when they’re put together to made a syllable. However, the more I kept going over the syllables, the easier it was for me to memorise the characters. Although I am not perfect in remembering every single character at this stage, after nearly a month since starting the project, I am definitely better from when I first started.

This is where autoethnography is evident. Autoethnography is an…

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Research Project: Learning Korean

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After being asked to brainstorm what I would like to do for an individual research project for my Digital Asia class, my mind wondered to something I have been curious of doing for a couple of years now – learn a language. I have had the bare minimum of experience when it comes to learning a language on my own. Sure I took the mandatory French class in junior year of high school, but after one year, it wasn’t compulsory to keep studying, and not realising the benefits there are to knowing a second language fluently – I didn’t take it any further. With an ambition to travel in the near future, I would like to broaden my knowledge when it comes to other languages and while taking a class that focuses on Digital Asia, why not take this opportunity to learn a language?

English is my mother tongue…

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Anime plus Autoethnography

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Although Akira (アキラ) was not my first anime, it was definitely one of the most difficult anime I’ve had to watch in terms of understanding what was happening. I have been watching anime for a few years now, as well as having previous screenings in other classes for my degree and watching cult favourites such as Ghost in the Shell.  I had some sort of a knowledge towards anime and the dystopian outlook that gets portrayed in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic time.

1201534 Neon Dystopia, 2017

This week I was a participant outside the Japanese culture, watching the film 3 decades after its first initial release. It was inevitable that, even though I have a knowledge in some anime, that I was still a cultural stranger to the film. Autoethnography is recognised as the process of people analysing their own personal experience to make sense of new cultural experiences. Ethnographers do this…

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Gojira and the return of the live tweeting

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Here we are at the beginning of another semester and I’m back again with another session of live tweeting. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it to the initial screening of  Gojira in class time, but was able to watch it in my own time and see what my classmates we’re saying about it on the twitter feed #BCM320, so here is my take from the movie.

This week we were presented with the film Gojira (1954) directed by Ishiro Honda. For the first time watching a Godzilla type of movie, and it was definitely different than what I expected. This movie wasn’t about a giant monster in a rubber suit causing havoc. After doing some reading, it was apparent that the movie was filled with symbolism and is a metaphor for World War II and the Cold War as well as other tragedies that struck Japan .As it is…

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