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Professional Wrestling in Japan – Researchers Cultural Framework

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If you checked out my last blog post, you know that I am currently conducting an auto-ethnographic project on ‘puroresu’, otherwise known as professional wrestling in Japan. In that last post, I discussed the rise of professional wrestling in Japan, with a focus on the company ‘New Japan Pro Wrestling’. Since that post, I have completed more research, and live-tweeted another match, but more importantly, have begun to understand how my topic in reference to my own cultural framework, and the background of knowledge, or personal framework, that already exists.

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Professional Wrestling In Japan – An Autoethnography Project

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For this project, I plan to delve into the world of professional wrestling in Japan.

When I was younger, I was very much a fan of the WWE, the most prominent and notable wrestling promotion, possibly in the world. It currently airs in more than 150 different countries, broadcasting to over 36m viewers. While I still, to this day, tune in sporadically, especially if my younger brother happens to be watching it while I have nothing better to do, I’ve only ever experienced professional wrestling through the WWE, and as such, this project will be an entirely new experience, as previous to this blog post, I had very little knowledge of this field site.

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Akira & Autoethnography

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This week was one of my first real experience with any sort of Japanese anime. Besides screening the 1995 Ghost in the Shell anime film last semester, the only other experience I had with any form of Japanese anime was the years I spent watching the Pokémon anime. That said, it did take me far too long to realise that the anime I had spent years watching growing up, was in fact created in Japan, and that the version I was watching had to be dubbed in English. Clearly, I wasn’t the most cultured child.

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A Not So Puny God(Zilla)

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My mother is Maltese, my father is Scottish. While they were both born here, most, if not all of their families were born and raised outside of Australia. My mother was raised in a house with 7 siblings, and two parents who cared very deeply about their Maltese traditions… and yet, I feel more Australian then I probably have the right to. The only roots I have with the Maltese side of my family is sharing the same skin tone. The language, the traditions, they both aspects of my own roots that I have have next to no experience in.

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