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League Of Legends


Intro/Background Information:

League Of Legends (LOL) is a free multiplayer, real time video game that sees players use strategy to beat computer-controlled opponents and achieve victory. The game consists of four different game modes; Summoner’s Rift, Twisted Treeline, Crystal Scar, and Howling Abyss, where players will compete in matches that generally anywhere between 20 and 60 minutes. Games can be played individually or as a team.

The aim of the game is to destroy a central objective controlled by the opposing team, known as a Nexus, or to hold the most game points for the longest amount of time. There are varying levels of expertise throughout the game, catering for beginner level through to expert/professional level.

Players are automatically matched to battle against a team of similar abilities and skill levels, which helped to eradicate the difficulties the game was experiencing where skilled players were not tolerating newcomers and intentionally…

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The whole concept of travel without travel is also extremely relevant to people whom physically cannot travel. People with special needs and the elderly could benefit from these technologies significantly, as although they may not be able to see the world in real life, they can use these methods to experience them on a different level. Elderly people often suffer from vision deficiencies, hearing limitations, motor impairments and slight deterioration of their cognitive skills (Kamieth et al 2011). Research has shown that VR technologies would benefit the elderly by offering them possibilities to perform tasks and experience situations that they may have been limited to before. This is also the case for those with special needs. Breaking through the barriers of travel and giving them a realistic experience that is freakishly similar to the real thing.


The main advantage of VR is the possibility to create realistic environments…

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In my previous blog post, I recounted my experience with different devices and platforms that allowed me to travel without actually travelling. Now it is time to analyse this experience and use the autoethnographic method of research to dissect it.

It was a lot of information to digest and it really got me thinking about the concept of travel as a whole. Reflecting on my experiences allowed me to take an Autoethnographic approach to the material and the research I began to conduct and analyse was influenced my perceptions and beliefs.

After each of these experiences, I found myself in awe at how technology has developed so dramatically and amazed at how I could be transported to another place so easily. It took me back to my younger years, when I would obsessively escape to alternate worlds and let my imagination run free. This time, technology did it for me…

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I love travel. I always have. The experiences you have and the places and people you encounter can be quite magical. After studying and travelling in Europe this year and previous holidays to Malaysia and Thailand, I can safely say that travel is an important part of my life. It is not for everyone, however, and many would prefer to stay at home and avoid travel all together. Enter technology.

I decided to research and experience a variety of different ways people can travel all over the world, including Asia. There are so many ways this is possible and I was extremely intrigued as to how successful these technologies would be in assisting people in travelling without actually travelling.


Virtual Reality. The whole concept kind of freaks me out. The idea that technology can allow us to be fully immersed in a completely different world is a terrifying…

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My First Anime Experience



This week marked my first encounter with anime and it definitely was an experience. While waiting outside of the DIGC330 classroom we were told by people in the class beforehand that we would be watching ‘Godzilla’. I have never seen Godzilla, so I was intrigued. After entering the classroom and being told that we were in fact watching ‘Ghost in the Shell’, I was even more intrigued as I had never heard of it before. Looking around the class I was surprised at how many students seemed to be aware of the film and be excited about watching it.

I was cautious after I found out the film was anime, as I have never seen anime or manga and was unaware of what to expect. Films follow specific conventions and I was unsure as to what the conventions are for these types of films. Because of this, I found the…

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