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Contextual Essay – Photo Essay Digital Artefact

This contextual essay delves into my digital artefact where I attempted to create a photo essay in response to Turkish photographer Elif Gülen’s Istanbul series. I undertook an autoethnographic approach to this project; this meant that I researched her work, photography in general, before applying this knowledge to my own photo series. You can access my digital artefact here.

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Photography and Me – Autoethnographic Methodology and Analysis

My previous blog post discussed my current autoethnographic project about exploring a Turkish female photographer by the name of Elif Gülen. Since that post, I’ve made certain efforts to explore more of her work – primarily her photographic series titled Istanbul – and along the way I’ve learnt more about myself as both a female and a photographer.

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Akira’s Influence on Westernised Popular Culture


A shady governmental agency experimenting on kids who then develop incredibly powerful telekinetic powers.

Sound familiar?

I’m not referring to the Netflix hit Stranger Things with this introduction, however I will touch on that later, but I am talking about Akira – the 1988 animecyberpunk classic.

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How Year 12 Modern History gave me an Appreciation for the Japanese Culture

I only remember two things from year 12 modern history.

The first was that my teacher had analysed the HSC papers from the last six years and she was confident that we wouldn’t get a question based around the four turning points in WW2. She seemed so confident about this, and therefore nobody bothered to study that part of the syllabus for the exam.

This turned out to be a big mistake.

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