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Week 3 – Akira

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The focus of this weeks tutorial was to have a greater understanding of the autoethnographic process. The way this was proposed was through the watching of the film ‘Akira’. Made in Japan in 1988, ‘Akira’ is a post apocalyptic anime film. Having never delved into the genre before, I had never heard of Akira and wasn’t sure what to expect. However, my immediate response to the screening, both during and after, was one of utmost appreciation. The immense detail that went into the production, the development of the characters and the way it harnessed emotion all impressed me a lot.

The purpose of this blog post however isn’t to delve into my reaction to the film, but rather attempt to look at it from an auto ethnographical standpoint. According to Ellis et. al (2011),  ‘auto-ethnography is an approach to research and writing that seeks to describe and systematically analyze personal…

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To get us started in BCM320, we had to watch The Host, directed by John Ho Bong. The film could be classified as within the action/horror genre. However what was undoubtedly unique was the way Bong used humour to distill tension and offer a welcoming change of pace from other, action packed scenes. This worked to create a multi-faceted engagement with the audience.

I think my cultural background significantly impacted the way I viewed the film. I was born in Australia and grew up here my whole life, and as such have become accustomed to Western ideals, mannerisms and ways of thinking. Furthermore I admittedly have very little knowledge about Korea, or by extension, Asian culture in general. Additionally, I simply can’t recall the last time I watched an Asian film. This culminates in the idea of unfamiliarity, and I immediately felt like an outsider the moment the film began…

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