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My Final Lolita Fashion Experience

virginia hodgkinson

To preface, this blog reiterates a bit on what has been said in my previous two blog posts (here and here), but goes into depth on my first two main epiphanies and adds two more!

I’ve always been interested in Japanese culture, however, one thing I do not know much about is the Lolita fashion subculture which originated in Japan in the late 80s. I have always had an interest in fashion, so I thought it would be a good idea to learn about Lolita fashion for this digital artefact through undergoing the process of making a basic Lolita dress from scratch. (If you are unversed on what Lolita fashion is, you can read about it in my previous blog post here!).

Through making this dress, the main aspect I wanted to understand is: why Lolita is popular? I really did not have any assumptions about Lolita…

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My Analysed Lolita Experience Through Autoethnography

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This blog post will basically be me analysing my previous blog post here about my first interaction with lolita fashion. You can read it here! At first glance, lolita fashion could be considered just another weird but wonderful Japanese clothing trend that has started to become popular in other parts of the world. This was also my preconceived belief on what lolita fashion was. However, through more research, I came to discover that lolita fashion holds a lot more meaning than just another fashion style, as it can be seen as a representation for societal issues such as the resistance to the uniform Japanese culture and the way in which the female body is often sexualised.

26320 Japanese Lolitas (X)

Lolita fashion originated from a style of fashion called ‘doll fashion’ which peaked in the late 1980s and that Lolita serves as a way in which one can

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Research Project: Lolita Fashion

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Ever since one of my childhood best-friends parents travelled to China, Japan and South Korea during primary school and told us about the trip, I have always loved learning literally anything about these three countries. Although, there is one thing from Japan which I do not think I know anything about, and what I thought I knew turned out to be wrong in some way. What I’m talking about is Lolita fashion. Sure, I’ve seen anime characters wearing Lolita fashion and a few pictures here and there on social media but I have never known any historical meaning behind the fashion style. For this research project I want to discover the origins of  lolita fashion and what the fashion style looks like today. Additionally, it would be interesting to discover what lolita means to the people that wears it.

Lolita fashion began through influence from traditional victorian style dolls and…

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Akira and Autoethnography

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The screening this week, Akira (1988), is an absolutely amazing cyberpunk anime which explored themes of government corruption, human/technological relationships and, loss of humanity. Furthermore, the anime also showcased themes of the impact of war, specifically World War II. This is similar to our screening of Gojira (1954) in week one. Although I would love to talk about the movie, this weeks task is to discuss autoethnography in our blog posts. Through this weeks tweets from other students, I was able to better understand the concept of autoethnography.

Although the topic of autoethnography can still be quite confusing at times, I think I understand it. Autoethnography is the process of people analysing their own personal experience and applying it to make sense of new cultural experiences. Due to this, each individual will have a different experience when experiencing new cultures. A line from the reading, “Different kinds of people possess different assumptions…

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Everything I Thought About Godzilla Was Wrong

I’m back for hopefully my last semester of University and back with another few weeks of live tweeting. Thankfully, this semester I feel much more confident with live tweeting after doing it throughout last semester in BCM325. This week we watched Gojira (1954). I will preface that this was my first Godzilla movie and it […]

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