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Add Me On Renren: An analytical auto ethnographic study into China’s social networking

ruth brook

Social media has always fascinated me. As it seemingly continues to grow and dominate much of Western society, I have always been interested in how society, the law and technological or communication developments are going to negotiate the increasingly complex mediascapes of the 21stcentury. With my pre-existing interests, beliefs and knowledge around this area of study in my own cultural setting, I am considering looking into China’s use of social media and the government intervention over such use. Online censorship in China is the responsibility of Internet content providers. Each individual site privately employs up to 1000 censors in attempts to avoid paying fines or being shut down if they don’t comply with the governments censorship guidelines as well as hundreds of thousands of ‘internet police’ (wang jing) and internet monitors (wang guanban) (King, Pan & Roberts 2013, p. 326).

Before reading any further, Michael Anti, Chinese…

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Akira and Me

ruth brook

My experience of this weeks film was somewhat distorted not only by my cultural upbringing and biases, but also by the live-tweeting that took place during the screening in class. As a result, I felt it was difficult to follow the, at times, fast pace of the film. I am by no means an anime fan, let alone an expert, so forcing myself to engage with this weeks anime film, Akira, was further complicated with this process of the live tweeting during the buzzing BCM classroom screening.

Given its setting in 2019, and our 2018 viewing of it, at times, it was somewhat scary and surprising how this 1988 Japanese anime accurately depicts its predictions of the dystopian post-apocalyptic. Again, this experience is reflective of what I consider an accurate depiction, based on engaging with the live tweets of other students and experiences of my own. In her…

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Culture and Context

ruth brook

godzillaThe Criterion Collection.

Firstly, I have to confess I missed the first week of classes so cannot draw from the experiences of live tweeting in this weeks blog post. Although, I thought that perhaps this would work to my advantage, as I would be able to dedicate my focus to Gojira, hopefully allowing me a better chance to understand and digest the film.

Although I have grown up in the Illawarra, with a fairly Western upbringing, I was exposed to different cultures from a fairly young age. At the age of around 10, my family and I visited Sri Lanka and India, where I probably experienced my first interaction with a ‘third-world’ country and culture. Walking the streets of Delhi with my younger brother and parents, I was confronted with the reality that everybody’s realities are actually not one in the same. Aside from complaining about the heat, smell, chaos…

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