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(BCM 320) To Continue Or Not v.2.0

Rachelle Esaid

I have been lacking in continuing my posts but, after some feedback I have decided to stop these romance shows and specifically focus on LGBTQ+ media in Asian countries. There is such a small part of it that it will be a quick focus. As someone who identifies as part of the community I’ve always wanted to dwell into Asian media that showcases LGBTQ+ content, considering the media presented in western countries fail to write proper character arcs and development. The romance shows I watched before were fine, I just realised over time I quickly became bored of seeing the same thing over and over again no matter how creative the concept may of been from the beginning. A lot of soul goes into these shows so I’m hoping to see the same for this genre. I had some motivation to do this after seeing the posts of the Taiwan…

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BCM 320 Group Project: Japanese Ink (3)

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In the previous post we discussed the stigmas and taboos surrounding having tattoos and being a tattoo artist in Japan. Now we move onto our next topic, how the Japanese population view having tattoos as a foreigner versus as a local, someone whose ethnicity and nationality both read as Japanese. There are several limitations to having tattoos and performing tattoo artistry in Japan however, with the rise of tattoo tourism/tourism in general in Japan and the current underground market of tattoo parlours. This has impacted both Japanese locals and the foreigners that visit or live there, some of them even vlog and write about their experience with tattooing or having tattoos in Japan, which will be explored shortly. We established that Japanese people with tattoos often cover up in public spaces and sacred spheres, this is the same for foreigners. But the…

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“Strong Girl Bong-Soon” To Continue Or Not? (3)

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No. of Episodes: 16

Run-time: 70 Minutes

Released: February 24 – April 15, 2017

Episode Review

A much more recent show, 2017 and a whopping 70 mins per episode. This was hard to get through considering I’m not use to the idea of a TV show episode going for so long but, then you think about it as a movie and it goes by so quickly… hmmmm. Anyways, this was a interesting first episode to a show. Not full romance but, it did well introducing characters and what kind of story it will lead. We are introduced to one of our main characters and the second one, sort of, through a dream sequence. This scene will help both of these characters eventually meet up later into the episode.

We have our main female character, Do Bong Soon a young lady who is currently looking for full-time employment but possesses a…

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Analyzing Narrative Experience Post

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For this blog post I will be going back and analyzing my last post and understanding my narrative experience. Many people use a narrative approach for many different reasons but so far what I have discuss in my post is my interpretation of what Ellis describes as a narrative ethnography, “…the form of stories that incorporate the ethnographer’s experience…”(2011). I understand this part of the process and from my recent deep dive into my digital artefact, I can now use this experience to develop my posts further.

Moving away from a narrative aspect to a reflexive ethnographic approach. As a result from field work I am already noticing that I stop myself from of my perspective living in a western country and only focusing on the origins of the artefact I discuss/research.

I am unsure at the moment if I fall into the common criticisms of authethnographies. “…criticised for doing…

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Love In The Moonlight. To Continue Or Not?

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Related image Love in The Moonlight Promotional Poster

Episodes: 18
Time Length of Episodes: 50+ Minutes.
Run Time: August 22 – October 18, 2016.
“A coming of age story about Crown Prince Lee Yeong‘s (Park Bo-gum) growth from a boy to revered monarch, and his unlikely relationship with eunuch Hong Ra-on (Kim Yoo-jung)”

Episode One Overview

Set in a historical Korea, we quickly are introduced to our two main and very obvious love interests. A crown prince, Lee Yeong and a young woman disguising herself as a man, Hong Ra-on.

Image result for love in the moonlight lee yeong Lee Yeong and Hong Ra-on

The introduction to the characters shows us what kind of people they are and sets up the story quickly of how they will bond together. I understand what they were trying to do but, having the girl fooling everyone with her very clearly feminine face with make up on as a…

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To Continue or not Continue?

Rachelle Esaid

I struggled to come up with a digital artifact/independent project. Being told that it was very adamant of doing an artifact on something with little to no knowledge of and from someone that lives in a ethnic home and multi-cultural area, that was a difficult concept. It was very normal for me to constantly be eating new foods and learning about others.

So my first idea was to use my art skills (my only good skills mind you) in the project based around nostalgia. I’d use memory, a short description and a time limit to draw popular anime/video game characters from Japan. That really didn’t settle well and I was suggested to find a style from an artist and imitate it. I decided I didn’t want to draw anymore because I realized that is one of my greater skills and it wouldn’t really be a challenge for me, so I…

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Only hearing about the film Akira and never watching it until now was very exciting for me. I finally was able to see why this movie was so loved by so many different communities, before I go further I just wanted to mention as a kid growing up the only animes I would watch was Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, Digimon, Yu-gi-oh and maybe the really poorly dubbed 4kidz version of One Piece (I still remember that they replaced Sanji’s cigarette with a lollipop) . It wasn’t until I got into my teens that I realised there were so many more shows full of different categories to please every type of audience.


In 1988 Akira’s author, Katsuhiro Otomo, turned his best-selling manga into a animated movie. From there it became one of the most iconic and inspirational movies that let the western-world let it self introduce all the classic beloved animes/mangas…

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BCM320 “Godzilla”

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Week One/ Thursday 12:30 class. 26/7

Cultural background.

My cultural background is Middle Eastern, Palestinian. My parents came from areas of Palestine and Israel, I was born here, there isn’t much relation to Asian media through this culture. My only real interaction was from a young age I played a lot Japanese rpgs or games in general developed/made in Japan. Examples; Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy series, Devil May Cry, etc.


I am new to the whole BCM course so the idea of live-tweeting, especially a movie like Godzilla which is a black and white film and is subtitled, seemed interesting but, actually doing it was pretty difficult. I was lucky to actually do this at home, so I could pause when I wanted to tweet at certain times, so next week for class will be much harder.

I don’t have a lot of experience with Godzilla, I watched…

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