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BCM320 – Analysing myself

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My week 5 blog post, which focused on my relationship with specific topic’d Facebook groups such as ‘Subtle Asian Traits’ and ‘Subtle Filipino Traits’, where memes and discussions are produced about Asian culture and traits we all share. I described my experience of this; discovering an incredibly large community, recognising mannerisms and culture connecting to my Filipino heritage. This made me describe it all. The need to explain what I recognise, what I relate to and what I find somewhat problematic is my “thick description” (Ellis,C., et al). I sought out to produce my experiences and describe it to people outside of the culture so they can understand thus it is accessible. But I also addressed issues relating to it, the ethic behind memetic content of these traits and how almost a ‘mob mentality’ can be formed to further bridge the gap between the ‘3rd world’ and ‘1st world’…

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BCM320 – Subtle Asian Traits

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Since the explosion of the famous Facebook group ‘Subtle Private school traits’, which was clearly created and focused on Australians, there have been plenty of other ‘Subtle Traits’ Facebook groups popping up, reminiscent of the abundance of relatable memes being shared. Three of which, I am now very fond of: ‘Subtle Asian Trains’, ‘Subtle Filipino Traits‘ and ‘Subtle Halfie Traits’. Ranking up 1,492,647 | 20,478 | 18,324  members respectively.

Screenshot_14.pngThese Facebook groups are self-explanatory, but to elaborate: they’re dedicated to a specific audience where they will relate to each other. Through an abundant of memes, shared content of all sorts of Asian related culture from food, family culture, products, general knowledge and mannerisms. It seems like a simple concept, but for many, it’s fascinating that we all can recognise so many aspects of our lives from growing up and the traits we inherited from our asian parents. Rediscovering…

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BCM320 – Wk3 – Akira

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Katsuhiro Otomo’s 1988 animated film ‘Akira’ was a nostalgic and adventurous trip for me. From enjoying the colours and typical sci-fi themes, Akira really packed a bunch of aspects to enjoy. But this was the first time viewing Akira. For me, it was nostalgic due to watching English dubbed anime content like the Pokemon series, Pokemon movies, and Spirited Away. Akira was most certainly on another level with its violence and adult themes, science fiction technology and deeper development of character and concept of the world. I personally find English dubbed anime more enjoyable so I can understand the film at first, especially with the past content as I mentioned like Spirited Away. Akira, however, was different, the English dub at times didn’t make a lot of sense and confused me with it’s mixed dialogue and out of place soundtrack. It would have been way more effective as a cinematic…

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BCM320 – Wk1 – The Host

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In the year 2006 a South Korean Comedy Horror film named The Host was released.
A clusterfuck of a movie with its remixing genres, themes and classic storylines. Was I expecting the Korean film to be funny and terrifyingly bad, balancing it like two kids on a seesaw? No. But I’m glad it was. In fact, my experience with foreign films is that they’re exclusively horror and or art film based movies. From subscribing to Mubi one year out of curiosity, staying up late on SBS as a kid to seeing what pirated DVDs my Mum was given from the Philippines – is the literal extent of my knowledge of foreign traditional movie content.

Of course, I couldn’t keep up watching The Host, following the storyline, simultaneously reading the subtitles and live-tweeting my reactions to the movie. But I think it’s hilariously easy to figure out after you’ve moved your…

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