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Delving Deeper into DOTA


In this blog post I will be analyzing my previouspost on my narrated personal experience with DOTA (Deference of the Ancients). I chose to explore this subject as I had very little knowledge of what it was nor how to play it and I wanted to not only challenge myself in immersing myself in the computer gaming culture which is foreign to me but to also see why people are so obsessed with the game, especially in Asia.

My first experience with DOTA was somewhat daunting. From my prior research I understood the aim of the game; to destroy your opponents ‘Ancient’. But despite my research and watching someone play prior to experiencing the game, I found it incredibly difficult to play the game, I struggled to understand things like my hero’s abilities or what items to purchase from the shop or what these items even were…

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Here we go, my first experience of DOTA.


For my DIGC330 auto-ethnographic research experience, I ventured into a foreign world of gaming – specifically the world of DOTA. Growing up, I wasn’t huge on video games; I only played the rare game of Age of Empires with my brothers so I was a major rookie when it came to my first experience of DOTA.

For those of you who don’t know what DOTA is (I had to do a quick google search when I first heard of it), it stands for Defense of the Ancients. DOTA is an online multi-player game which takes place in a battle arena; with two teams of five, one being the radiant and the other team the dire, the main objective of the game is to destroy their opponents ‘Ancient’. For more information in regards to how the game works I recommend looking here.


So with that little knowledge, I decided…

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Let me begin by letting you all know that I seriously struggle with sitting through movies; this is mainly due to the fact that I can’t sit still for long periods of time or I simply lose interest in the movies story line quite early on. I enjoy taking my time watching a movie and having control of being able to rewind a certain scene or simply being able to pause the movie one day and coming back to it the next.

So as you may have already guessed, I did indeed struggle during my first tutorial of DIGC330 watching the iconic 1953 Japanese film ‘Gojira’. Prior to this week’s seminar, I had never seen any of the ‘Godzilla’ films although I had some rough knowledge of the story line. Being an avid lover for music, I found throughout the film I focused on the sound of the Japanese language…

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Autoethnography: Let’s get personal!


Autoethnography is a form of research that requires the author to immerse themselves in the subject matter and to “analyze their own personal experience in order to understand cultural experience”. (Ellis et el, 2011)

Autoethnograhic research methodology strays far from the traditional research methods which are quite basic and impersonal. This methodology combines sectors of ethnography and autobiography; ethnography being “the study and systematic recording of human cultures” and autobiography being an account of a person’s own experience. This allows the researcher to engage with its subject on a far more personal level and are able to write from their own personal experiences with ethical consideration to the subject matter and those involved with the study. The thought of immersing one’s self into a foreign culture seems quite daunting to me as it can be very personal and the way you interpret what’s going on can potentially be…

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