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Akira Against the World


Ellis et all (2011) defines autoethnography through three specific terms;

  1. AUTO – personal experience
  2. ETHNO – understanding cultural experiences
  3. GRAPHY – describe and systematically analyse

These three key words are essential to grasp the writing and research methods used for this genre of qualitative research; from personal experience gained by authors to develop and understand a greater cultural connection (Anderson, 2006).

Through knowledge and insights gained via the screening and live tweeting, a well-rounded epiphany was formed; which can directly relate to creative minds and their own autoethnographic study.

akira 2

The weeks screening of the Japanese animated dystopian cyberpunk film; Akira, 1988 provided me insights into some of the prominent creative minds in the film and music industry. Katsuhiro Otomo not only directed Akira, but adapted the screenplay from his very own manga comic of the same name, also developed in the 80s. Even though this film…

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A New Cultural Beginning


Semester two of twenty-nineteen and back into the swing of live tweeting to an array of films I have never seen before, but this semester it was with a slight cultural twist, Asia. A culture I have never quite delved into film wise. To be completely honest, a genre I have never been interested in pursing, until now.

In understanding why I have never been interested in looking into Asian films and pop culture can somewhat traced back to my cultural upbringing. I am Australian, born and bred in a small country town, in the middle of the outback. Broken Hill is a small mining town with not a lot of cultural diversity. In saying that, my Dad’s side of the family settled in Australia, from England, during the colonial era and on my Mum’s side, her Grandfather immigrated from Scotland during World War Two. So, as you…

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