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Part 3: My BCM320 Digital Artefact!

Diversity, Communication & Culture

Kelsea’s Ok Kitchen:


For my exploration into Digital Asia and an autoethnographical research process, I decided to focus on cooking (nothing too unique there, sorry guys) BUT I like to think that my end product has become a bit more unique and has demonstrated more just being another BCM320 cooking video series. I was able to interact with a different framework, type of media and culture.

My research into Asian cooking revealed a plethora of Asian recipe after recipe, aesthetic Asian cooking channel after channel, and a whole side of the internet dedicated to sharing a love of food & culture to people around the world. This was an exciting part of  the journey, although I did find myself being overwhelmed with the sheer number of corners to explore.

Global flows in a digital age:

“The movement of goods and services, finance, and people has…

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Part 2: Expanding on my AE experience & My DA!

Diversity, Communication & Culture

If you saw my last blog post on my initial autoethnographical experience with my new digital artefact, you would have seen that I’m interested in the art of Asian cooking shows on YouTube. Since that post I’ve made a video to test the ease and aesthetics of trying to make a video myself!

 It was a lot of fun to explore, and I look forward to experimenting more, but I understand that I am an Westerner (probably butchering a traditional soup recipe) attempting to recreate the aesthetics of a particular genre of cooking video. I can reflexively say that I am conducting this research experience as a white, female and young-adult living in upper-middle class Australian society.  To elaborate on this, Denzin (2003) proposed that “a civic, publicly responsible [auto] ethnography… addresses the central issues of self, race, gender, class, society, and democracy.” (p. 259 2006). Furthermore, drawing on Denzin (2003)…

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“Neo-Tokyo is about to E X P L O D E”

Diversity, Communication & Culture

(And man, did it ever!!)

Akira 1988

Where to start! What a film. Firstly, reflecting back on our live-tweeting, I can see that I was firstly impacted by the sheer beauty and detail of the anime!

I’m a huge anime fan, but my scope is still pretty limited in terms of having watched anime and Japanese films, so my favourites thus far include; One-Punch Man (2012), The Full Metal Alchemist (2003/4), Ponyo (2008), Spirited Away (2001), My Neighbor Totoro (1988) and Howl’s Moving Castle (2004).

Of course, the common consensus amongst the #BCM320 thread was initial and intense confusion, and looking for familiar themes/features/aesthetics –

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Gojira & I

Diversity, Communication & Culture



I’ve always had an interest in cultures that weren’t my own. Throughout the course of my degree and the older I get, the more opportunities I have to unpack and utilise this interest. My BA/BINTS double degree includes a Sociology major, Culture studies minor, Global Media and Communication major AND I’m attempting my Spanish minor too (after starting in Japanese [oh dear that was WAY too difficult] in my first year) – in other words, I’m interested in people, how and why we are the way we are, where we come from, and the difficult levels of how we communicate. This I know effects everything I do, and constructs my perspective of a lot of different things. This being my third year of University, I find my analysis of ‘every-day situations’, ability to critically think and engagement with academic thinking at an all time high.

Once you start analysing…

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