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An analysis of my analysis: EVA

Noah Jay Anderson

After reading through all of the replies to my previous blog post, it became apparent and exciting that there were perspectives and details that definitely required my further analysis. It was interesting to read that people found my post easy to identify with and also lodged questions back at me. I do believe that live-action versions of anime definitely have the potential to have the same weight and effect on audiences as something like EVA. In reference to what I think would happen if western cartoons started to bring in more intellectual and adult themes, I believe that I would be wholly intrigued though I also think I would almost see it as western cultures attempt to imitate and profit from anime’s multi-faceted success. I note that I come to this conclusion from experience with past western adaptions of classic anime films such as Ghost in the Shell or Alita:…

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Evangelion: A case for nudity & sexual implications

Noah Jay Anderson

Having just finished watching Neon Genesis Evangelion (Eva) i came out of it incredibly satisfied with its plot and execution as a whole. It was expertly crafted with deep character arcs, love, death, tragedy and of course giant mechs fighting angels.

Note: i watched this on Netflix and only after finishing it did i find out Netflix changed a number of things to avoid licensing issues. Also changing the voice actors to fans dismay, although this did not affect me in any way.

It was dubbed first of all, which in this case i found well executed, i found myself enjoying the performance of the voice actors and how well they translated into the animation.

Image result for neon genesis evangelion gif

Image result for neon genesis evangelion gif

So, there really were no negatives to my viewing of Eva. The aesthetics were phenomenal and the script featured unusually deep-dives into the human psyche which i have never experienced in any western shows, only…

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The Hostest with the mostest

Noah Jay Anderson

The Host immediately situates itself in stark contrast to any western realm of film the general population has come to expect. Initially i was skeptical of the film, noting the acting was exaggerated and the plot was surface level, but as the film progressed i started to kick myself as the things i was so cynical about were the things that made the movie endearing and also different.

I already am pretty comfortable with watching a variety of anime and films produced and filmed in Asia. I think my interest spurs from the stylisation of Asian cinema, particularly the Japanese aesthetic. I find it highly intriguing, cool and a break from the over-commercialised western culture we are all too familiar with.

Born in Australia and brought up in Cronulla for the majority of my life, the people are all very like-minded in regards to leisure and aside from Asian cuisine…

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Noah Jay Anderson

It’s not often i am put in a context where i am able to watch a movie i already love, in a genre i adore, at university, to learn, and then get to talk about it. But the stars have aligned and here i am.

Akira is one of the most influential films in existence, it being emulated and imitated in all stretches of popular culture. It is one of the few anime films that form a bridge between Asian and western culture and is one of my all time favourites.

Knowing that we were to be doing this blog post, i have put on my autoethnographic shoes and am…

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