Author: neslizfry

Desire or Deterrant

Vanessa Fryer

The 2018 documentary created by Hao Wu ‘The People’s Republic of Desire‘ depicts to the audience the technological world in China and the way that these technological aspects are changing the way of the digital social status. The documentary revolves around the social media platform YY and the documentary is navigated by some of the platforms leading hosts and those trying to make their way to the top.

YY is a Chinese video based social media platform “which enables users to join real-time online group activities through voice, text, and video. Its services include music and entertainment, online games, online dating, live game broadcasting, online education, and advertising” (YY (YY), 2021). The platform was created to connect individuals online through video, hosts would entertain their audience through various forms and in return the audience would gift tokens to the host to boost their popularity and show a form…

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