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Recently there has been an increase of media raising the many topics and issues surrounding paedophilia, and of course it’s an immoral act so it will drag along with it a negative connotation; But my idea of paedophiles instantly focuses on creepy old men like the grandpa off Family Guy and the protagonist in the book Lolita, and even cases on the news are always about men; and I think this is the image that my everyday influential cultures have created. So when I sat down reading this manga perplexed by these young girls depicted with full-busted bodies of women, I didn’t initially believe I was acting in any immoral behaviour or point any matters of illegal or paedophilic behaviour at myself because I do not fit the representation of what society has specifically illustrated to that category of behaviour.

Culture influences an individual’s belief, values, ideas and behaviour…

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The Secrets of Japan


I didn’t know what path to further engage my research in after my initial experience with ‘The secrets of the sailor soldiers’. I was typing in whatever I was thinking; topics and subjects that seemed interesting, but a lot of my questions definitely led me to a particular focus. I caught myself nearly hitting search on Japanese child porn, and I was thinking %$#% what am I doing!? I want to search information on censorship in Japanese Manga for goodness sake, not make myself a target of illegal activity!!! I came to question the experience that I have participated in, and I think I have just realised that I could have possibly overstepped some pretty hard boundaries of morality. So I started to take a very precautionary approach in the type of words I was entering into search engines.

After that initial shock of stupidity, it drew me…

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Sailor Moon Adults Only


Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 1.47.22 pm

So today I decided to shatter all my sweet childhood memories of the Sailor Sista’s and share my experience engaging in material of a different nature to other books currently stacked on my bedside table. I bought this manga, actually I’m not even sure what you would classify this as, for more of a novelty item and have never actually attempted reading it before so I’m happy I get to pull this out of my bookshelf after it’s just sat there collecting dust for 2 years. After I asked my mum what the title read, because the whole magazine is in Japanese and I haven’t come across some words before, I kind of realised that I might be better off on my own trying to translate and understand the story…. Is there even a story? I think first off I might list a couple of questions that are drifting around…

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Gojira: The Summary


godzilla-cartoon-wallpapers-backgrounds-for-powerpoint-631287330This revitalising examination into a genre unique to its own culture has allowed me to identify the distance I couldn’t place between Gojira and Japan. I’ve identified the my original thoughts and assumptions of Gojira and closed that unknown distance I couldn’t identify. Looking at Dai Kaiju Eiga has allowed Japan to take their rightful ownership on Gojira, and embody it in their culture. It was easy to watch Gojira and remember the moments in my life where I recognised Gojira, from American films and TV series, where Gojira had a contextual segment. However the engagement of Gojira in a greater cultural context and recognising the inapt distance between Gojira and Japan has allowed me redefine my auto ethnographic experience.

All I know of my life is what is derived from the social context of which my identity is a part of and has been developed. And what I knew of…

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Gojira: Take Two


My first blog after watching Gojira focused on parts of the movie that I understood, there was history, there was culture and I tried my best to acknowledged that Gojira is more than a black/white film with bad subtitles and a man in a rubber suit.

But there was something about Gojira that I couldn’t quite label as Japanese. Yes everyone is Japanese, and the whole movie is in Japanese but what is it about Gojira that makes him Japanese? But I think the reason I can’t classify the Japanese in the Gojira, is because Gojira is as much (or even more) American as he is Japanese. I remember him being depicted in the Rugrats movie as Reptar, and in one of The Simpsons episodes adapted into the towns fast-food mascot that ruins the town. Gojira is engrained in my mind as part of Western culture, and not of Japanese…

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Gojira: The classic



Godzilla in a scene from the film. © Toho Co. Ltd. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Godzilla in a scene from the film. © Toho Co. Ltd. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

I am unfortunately one of those females, who up until meeting my boyfriend had not watched, (or agreed to watch the whole movie on a Friday night), a lot of the standard movies that a majority of civilization has seen. Star Wars? Nope. The Sound of Music? Nope. Godzilla? You guessed it. But the original Japanese Gojira from 1954? I was not even aware of its existence.

Being told that your watching a film during your first class was initially extremely exciting, as this hasn’t happened since washed out days in high school 4 years ago. In my spare time the types of Japanese movies you’ll find me watching are Studio Ghibli films or Sailor Moon reruns, and Gojira definitely did not come anywhere near similar to what I was expecting to watch.

Was it a…

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