Author: The Mind Of Montana

More About Mukbangs

Although mukbangs originate in South Korean digital communities, they have recently expanded into the global mediascape, as discussed in my previous post (my last post will be frequently referenced throughout this post, so it might be a good idea to check that out first). Despite having a limited knowledge about ‘Digital Asia’ prior to this subject, I had come across the phenomenon of mukbangs on YouTube. Albeit, not the South Korean version, but the Westernised version. (more…)

Mukbangs: The West has hijacked South Korea’s hunger for watching strangers eat online

As I have stated in previous blog posts, my knowledge of ‘Digital Asia’ was limited to non-existent prior to this subject. Though, one topic I am vaguely familiar with is the online video trend of ‘mukbangs’, due to seeing similar content on YouTube by Australian creators. (more…)

AKIRA: My First Anime Experience

So far, BCM320 has proved to be a subject full of ‘first times’ for me. In week 1, our screening of The Host was my first experience with Korean film, and this week was my first time watching Japanese anime. Our week 3 screening was Katsuhiro Ôtomo’s Akira (1988). While neither of the screenings thus far would be my typical genre of choice, I am enjoying the gentle exposure to the diversity of Asian media cultures. (more…)

The Host: A White Girls Interpretation

Upon seeing the subject title ‘Digital Asia’, I felt instantly intimidated and hesitant. I have rarely ventured beyond the realm of Western media, and for this I blame my upbringing in a “typical” white Australian household. I guess I have developed a sense of indifference towards Asian media, not because of any personal prejudice, but rather a simple lack of exposure – until now. (more…)