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Gojira Thoughts


Having the classic Japanese film, Gojira, as the opening film for DIGC330 was a great first introduction to Digital Asia. I am a huge advocate for having a movie night, every night before bed with my typical go-to genres being rom-coms or just comedies in general. But I do love some good old action movies here and there or the random one off sci-fi movie. I’m glad that I watched Godzilla in this class otherwise I don’t think I would have ever watched it.

I was born and raised in Australia, with my parents both being from the Philippines. Growing up my parents tried teaching my siblings and I tagalog (one of the eight major dialects in the Philippines) when we were younger but nothing really stuck with us. Fast forward 21 years later and I can only understand the basics. With having bilingual parents I was used to…

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