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An Exploration into Autoethnography

This week will be going over the assigned reading, Ellis et al (2011) about autoethnography. I hope to explain this reading in conjunction to my own understanding of autoethnography and also link it to this week viewing of Akira (1988).

To define my understanding of autoethnography from Ellis’s writing, is to state that an autoethnography is an analysis of one’s self, and how that analysis impacts them afterwards. It is a investigation from an individual on their identity before an experience and how that experience changes that individual. (Ellis et al, 2011)

As researchers develop an autoethnography, there is a search to create an appealing story, on personal experiences. This then draws out the need for a creative writer to assist in the telling of a researcher’s experience in a compelling way. A researcher’s knowledge and a writer’s craft create an aspect within autoethnography, for it to appeal to a…

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Experiencing Korean Monster

Right out of my comfort zone.

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This class is definitely
bringing many firsts to me. I have not written blogs, explored WordPress, had a
Twitter account or watched any Korean movies. So, let’s start.

So live tweeting was a very strange
experience. Like talking non stop throughout a movie to a group of people is extremely
frowned upon in every screening of a movie, but tweeting is exempt from this
rule? Having so many tweets to complete and respond to, made the movie extremely
difficult to watch and follow as I was also trying to learn how twitter worked
at the same time. So maybe next time, it won’t be as difficult to do and I will
be able to see more of the movie, because I honestly saw quite little because I
was trying to learn a new social media platform.

Anyway, The Host was from what I saw…

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