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autoethnographic methodology

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In this weeks blog post I will be using the auto-ethnographic methodology to analyse my pervious blog post. Auto-ethnography is explained by Ellis, Adams, and Bochner as being:

“A method of research that allows one to systematically analyse personal experience(s) in order to understand another cultural experience. Auto-ethnography encompasses both autobiography and ethnography”

Through my personal experience, I have not experienced Japanese culture as much as I have with other cultures. I was introduced to the culture mostly through food at school where we would hand-make sushi and talk about the culture in class. We did a few assignments on the way that they dress and the food that they eat, but we were not fully exposed to all of the things that the culture had to offer. We weren’t shown the beautiful landscapes or the history of the culture itself. What drew me to Japan so much was their…

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Independant DA

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I hadn’t really given much though into what I was going to do for my independent research project, so when we were told in class that we had to come up with five different options I panicked. But then I realised that the possibilities were endless. I really stuck to what I thought I would be interested in learning when coming up with my options. I thought of the KPOP craze as I wasn’t into it and never really understood the whole craze. When I would watch shows like the VMS’s on TV, they would always fly out a KPOP group and the crowd would go crazy. Then there was the idea of diving into the Asian film industry and how that had influences on western society and vice versa. As I’m constantly being immersed in films (particularly American) I thought that I would find it interesting to see what…

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This week we learnt about Auto-ethnography, which is an approach which uses a researcher’s personal experience to describe and critique cultural beliefs, practices, and experiences. Ellis states that “scholars began recognising that different kinds of people possess different assumptions about the world”. This is such a true statement as people who come from different cultures, upbringing’s, and environments could watch the same film but take out of it completely different things. This is due to their experiences, perhaps with a similar situation or they are completely unaware of it being prevalent in society. This makes for an interesting viewing and interpretation, especially when live- tweeting as not only can you send a tweet out, but others can comment and continue the string of conversation.

Although I didn’t attend this week’s seminar, I had a personal viewing of this week’s content, Akira (1988). I went through a lot of the tweets…

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I wasn’t sure what to expect when going into my first class. I was not expecting to watch a black and white film that’s for sure. Going back to Year 12 we were made to watch Metropolis which was a black and white silent German film based on a utopia vs the overpopulated dystopia of the underworld of mistreated workers. This film had incredible heart and drew the watcher into the confessions of love that were shown throughout, with incredible sceneries to capture the essence of the film.fritz lang metropolis GIFfritz lang metropolis GIF

When we were told that we were going to be watching Godzilla I was a bit confused as all I knew about it was that it was a large dinosaur looking creature that just destroyed the city. My first depiction of him was when he was in Rugrats and he was destroying the city after he ate some cereal.

However, I was…

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