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Japanese animation re-dub, Akira 1988

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As someone whose mother tongue is not English, to be honest, when I first saw those big words, I feel so dizzy and have no idea what is what. Let me give you an example. Do you think those Chinese words look the same? 魑魅魍魉

They all look the same! right?

That is exactly what I have experienced. According to Ellis (2004), I think here I use self-reflection to explore my personal experience about foreign language and connect this autobiographical story to the ‘reader’s understanding.

The Prezi lecture on Week2 and the paper written by Ellis(2011) released me from struggling, I started to have a clear idea about those topics. 

Here are my notes:

(I think those are very helpful for the rest assessments, and ‘I’ll keep updating them)

(please tell me if I made a mistake)

Anthropology: the study of human in general, including its origins…

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The Host Review

In the first week of BCM320, we watched a Korean horror, thrill film, The Host (2006). Now, before we discuss my understanding of the film, I would like to tell you the Asian culture related experience in my life.

As a Chinese who is studying in Australia, my cultural background definitely influence the way I proceed with the movie.
Here are some examples:
my family used to sit around a table and make dumplings together for the most festival;
I used to play XiangQi (Chinese chess) as a kid with my grandfather instead of playing the Monopoly;
and when I was in primary school, we were asked to practice calligraphy around age 7.

Apart from my experience as being Chinese, I also have encountered the Korean wave and Japanese soft power.

When I was in primary school, our local TV channel broadcast Japanese animation(cartoon) every day in lunchtime and after…

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