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Is Ellis Good at Cooking?

Liam Prince

I’m finally at the back-end of the research side of things for my current digital artefact. Things are slowly progressing and I can now say that I have a little bit more of an understanding on Asian culture and cuisine, in particular, desserts. I’ve officially sorted all of my Data, Research and Communication issues and my DA is in full steam ahead. Looking into Asians desserts, I found it very interesting that Asians desserts are far less sweet and is much easier to create than most westernised desserts. As I explained in my previous blog, the way in which I present my work was still in discussion, and I was focusing on what way would result in most effect Digital Artefact. As explained through the Ellis Et Al reading, when presenting my work, aesthetics become very important. Presenting my research and my work creatively and in an aesthetically pleasing way…

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Cooking up a Storm.

Liam Prince

Creating a research project is the last thing that any university student wants to hear, it just seems like a whole bunch of reading and writing… but I was very wrong!

If you’re human, Asian cuisines are also your weak spot. Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, I could go on… but I can’t say that I often go to these cuisines for snacks and sweets. During a seminar in a digital Asia class, we were asked to provoke thoughts on aspects of Asian culture that we have yet looked into. Something that we had no prior knowledge of and a limited understanding of. Although Asian food is very popular and if you ask anyone they could probably give you a few Asian dishes off the top of their head. But if you ask them to list their favourites Asian desserts or snacks, I feel like the number of people able to name…

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Liam Prince


Throughout the Digital Asia subject, we are required to live tweet during a film each week for 6 weeks. The first film we are watching is the original drama filled science fiction film Gojira from 1954 which is the first film in the Godzilla franchise. I have not previously seen a Godzilla film although I’m pretty sure its easy to get the drift. Maintaining the Kaiju style of film, a giant monster comes in and messes shit up… usually attacking major cities and then there is a big battle to defeat the big bit of trouble.

I quite enjoy the use of tweeting during films because It allows the class to collectively discuss the film with multiple forms of media. This week was a difficult week to tweet and watch the film at the same time. Not only was the film in a different language, the English subtitles were…

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AKIRA 3/10

Liam Prince

This week wasn’t my favourites week… Im normally all for films that make you think.

Yet this film contained many hidden messages that you have to search for. When you tried so hard to find the ‘hidden messages’ in the film you miss out on the structure of the film. The film is a dark, gritty anime, with no detail spared that should make up a great film and set a high standard of animation with its advancement in technology … yet, these certain characteristics do not combine to create a great film.

I have to be honest, anime is not my favorite genre of film, and I probably don’t appreciate it as much as a live movie although, I do wish that western society appreciate the creation of animated films more. Because I struggled to watch and enjoy the film, my tweets were more comedic then they were influential…

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