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A Better Understanding

Kara Henderson

Reading over my last blog post, I can see that I draw on past and personal experiences and use that knowledge to understand the culture that is given within the Digital Asia subject. In doing this, I was able to make sense of the subject a little better, especially with the movies that were screening for the first couple of weeks.

“Autoethnographers focus on ways of producing meaningful, accessible, and evocative research grounded in personal experience and to deepen our capacity to empathise with people who are different from us.” (Ellis, 2011)

Based on little experiences I have had with everyday television shows of Western culture still helped me a great deal in grasping the whole concept of anime. My greatest example would be comparing the character of Eleven in ‘Stranger Things’ with the movie ‘Akira’. In terms with shows such as Pokémon and Dragon Ball Z that I had…

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Origins of Origami

Kara Henderson

Prior to this subject I was comfortable with a decent understanding about Asian culture having done a bit of travelling around the Philippines and Indonesia. I knew a bit about their food, their ways of living, clothing, traditions and celebrations. However, Digital Asia had thrown me into a completely new realm of this particular culture.

giphy (1) Akira

Throughout the first few weeks of semester, the screenings had been movies I have never heard of. Growing up, my brother would be watching shows like Pokémon and Dragon Ball Z. I wouldn’t really be paying attention to the story line but I would always notice how they would pair strong facial expressions with very little dialogue, I found this to be very similar in the Gojira film. Watching Akira reminded me of the shows Dragon Ball Z because the animations style seemed to be similar. I believe my knowledge with films had…

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Kara Henderson

Shakira! Shakira! … is it bad that those words were screaming in mind when we started the screening, “Akira’?


In this weeks seminar we watched the film, Akira. This was a 2-hour screening and I found it difficult to pick up what was going on. However, I was able to pick up a few Western cultures that appear parallel to this manga material.

One of the first characters we are introduced to in ‘Akira’ is Takashi, a character with a telekinetic superpower. Immediately, the character Eleven from ‘Stranger Things’ pops into my mind… and of course I tweet this out for my classmates to observe and hopefully feel the same…

Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 3.19.55 pm.png

The second Western clue I picked up on was to do with our music culture. The manga film resembled Kanye West’s music video ‘Stronger’. After the quickest Google search I found that the rapper did in fact do…

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Japanese Film: Godzilla

Kara Henderson

Up until this first seminar, I had never watched a Godzilla film. I had no idea there were several different version and no clue that the original was Japanese made in 1954. The only Godzilla image that came to my mind was the big green monster one that appears in ‘The Simpsons’.

5HEd.gif Gipher, 2018

Having to read the subtitles, understand the movies story line, read classmates tweets and think of witty tweets for myself, my mind was exhausted by the end of the class. During this time I was also reading articles online about how they created Godzilla. Today, it is generally made with CGI effects but back then there weren’t as good of resources available so the creative director had actually made a man suit that consisted of chicken wire, cushions and latex. (Wikipedia, 2018) The use of such simple materials was very impressive.

Godzilla_Raids_Again_(1955)_Behind_the_scenes Wikipedia, 2018

I enjoyed the…

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