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reflections on my time in korea – and in the korean classroom

kusatsu onsen life

when i visited for the first time my first impression of korea that i remember the strongest was the smell once we left hongik university station. in korea, trash is just heaped up in plastic bags and left out on the street for the collectors to pick up at night and this, plus the pollution in the air wafting over from china was absolutely incredible. it reeked. and it was everywhere. i visited korea for the first time during the summer of last year. i visited seoul with two australian friends i had met while studying abroad and one friend’s sister. while we were in korea, we stayed in an airbnb in hongdae. this area is super famous as a shopping and entertainment district, and from the evening and late into the night amateur dancers hang out on the street and perform insanely well-choreographed and well-rehearsed dances to popular k-pop…

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thoughts upon viewing godzilla, and kawakita mayuko

digital asia by declan

yesterday was my first ever experience live tweeting. it was a tough ride trying to keep up with the film, my own tweets and the tweets of everyone else in the class. i didn’t know where to look at what time, and to be honest there was a considerable amount of pressure to get a funny tweet out before someone else did. i guess everyone else in the class has been in a bcm subject before, and so has kinda got the hang of live-tweeting but i was a serious beginner. that being said, i’m not a total twitter beginner. even though i’d never lived tweeted before i actually use twitter every day. except the only difference is i use twitter in japanese.

the first tweet reads: “i haven’t shaved my face for two days, but my electric shaver just broke which means tomorrow will the first time in my…

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