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Hey guys, I'm Kelsey. I'm doing a double degree in Creative Writing and Japanese, and this is my last semester! :D I love Japan and Korea, especially music (Kpop!) and any kind of exotic foods. よろしくお願いします。

I’m confused, and it’s not just ‘Akira’

Kelsey O'Brien BCM320 Digital Asia


It’s Week 3 of semester, and my BCM320 elective has already given me many new experiences: using Twitter on a frequent basis, blogging, live-tweeting, and particularly the concept of ‘autoethnography’. Ellis (2004) and Holman Jones (2005) define autoethnography as “an approach to research and writing that seeks to describe and systematically analyse… personal experience… in order to understand cultural experience”. I therefore understand the autoethnographic methodology as a cross between an autobiography and an ethnographic study – the researcher participates in some element of a culture, takes ongoing notes of this participation and how it affects them, what they learn from it, etc. and then presents their findings almost as a story rather than a traditional research report – though of course, there’s a wide spectrum between these two extremes.


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A Japanese Language Major’s reaction to ‘Gojira’

Kelsey O'Brien BCM320 Digital Asia

I have watched very few old movies in my time, probably only ever one in black and white, and definitely none Japanese. I’ve also had no previous experience with the Godzilla franchise before the BCM320 screening of Gojira (Honda 1954). However, as a teacher last semester described my class, I am a ‘budding Japanologist’, and as such did have some contextual knowledge around Japanese history and Godzilla’s place in it.

I am a twenty-two-year-old Caucasian Australian woman, and while I do not have strong personal ties to Japan (i.e. no family history there), I’ve been interested in it on-and-off since learning some Japanese (the numbers 1-10) in primary school. In recent times, this has led to my doing a degree in Japanese, learning some Japanese history and modern Japanese culture, and a casual interest in anime, Jpop, and Japanese food.

As I’ve said, this was my first experience with the…

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