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Hi there, my name is Khalif a.k.a Kakkal (an obscure acronym that I made up) and I’m studying a Bachelor of Communication and Media studies in my third year of University. I’m originally from Somalia but came to Australia at a young age and have been raised in South West Sydney (Campbelltown) ever since. This blog is made for the purpose of exploring media and communication topics. With my perspective infused within the writing, to add some relatability and insightful notions with the concepts and information discussed (which I hope is working out). That just about wraps up who I am and what I'm about I guess... But enjoy reading my posts!

Auto Ethnography piece

The vision of kakkal

So I have decided to focus on my Auto Ethnography piece now that I have made it this far into the session, where my ideas have been able to take shape to a state that they can be defined. In the case of the platform that this piece will take, it is going to be a combination of both an audio piece and a prezi slide show. I feel this will be the best way to demonstrate my thought patterns in a visual way while speaking about it. Without doing a vlog style video of myself, since I do not feel too comfortable being in front of a camera.

In the Auto ethnography piece I want to explore my personal experience with the relationship between transmedia texts and how the individuals (e.g. anime, games & light novels) work together to create the whole (there universe). Specifically the text Sword art online, which I…

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Possible routs of RPGs

The vision of kakkal

After my previous post looking at the text sword art online and the many forms it takes to translate its narrative. The term RPG or role-playing game seemed to stick out the most to me from what I had gathered.

As it was a concept that was unfamiliar to me, until I had ventured into this anime. Before when I played games similar to the anime where I had to complete missions and fight bosses. I had just generalised what they were into the category of adventure games, ignoring the other factors that it was compiled by.

Even the term RPG did not really suit what I was trying to do, other then the characteristics that I had for my individual character in species and job class. That were determined by me at the beginning of the game, which was the closest I had felt that I have come to role playing. Because…

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Sword Art Online Reflection

The vision of kakkal

These are some thoughts that I had while taking in the transmedia text Sword art online, on a few different mediums and platforms:


  • The anime was my first point of contact to the series, which I feel best shows the overlining structure of the narrative that is created.
  • The text is focused on a new game known as sword art online that uses the Nerve Gear system, to allow players to experience a virtual world similar to the real one. That turns out to be a trap that imprisons the players in the game, until someone completes it.
  • The story follows two protagonist, Kirito and Asuna (though mainly Kirito) as they try to live their lives in the game and complete it.
  • It brought up key details such as, characters, levels characters reach, towns, weapons, techniques used, skills and limitations that they face.


  • The manga version of the series, which seems to be the…

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Godzilla Beyond The Silver Screen

The vision of kakkal

When considering the fact that Godzilla has been around in the publics eye for 61 years. It makes plenty of sense that it would have been recreated in other means and fashions then just films. The varies forms that I have found Godzilla are; comics, animated TV series,”toys, clothing, books, games, records, posters and various other types of merchandise“.

Out of these variants of Godzilla I feel that the TV series was an excellent expansion on the 1998 Godzilla movie, that was unsuccessful in getting a second film. But what gave the American franchise a chance to further reach the customer base that enjoyed the film, which also built on the transmedia effect of the brand. Whilst helping with the possible sales of the merchandise that had been released after the 1998 film.

Though even with the good publicity that the over all Godzilla brand in America was receiving at…

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The Evolution of Godzilla

The vision of kakkal

This aquatic creature has been surfacing countless times throughout many generations and has made the journey across the ocean to America recently in the 2014 Godzilla film, after taking its last hiatus in Japan (2004).

When thinking back at the original (or first) Godzilla movie and comparing it to those that have followed it, it had been made clear to me that there was no real change in the films when it came to the development of Godzilla. Other then its current iteration of the creature (Godzilla 2014).

In my experience with Godzilla as a child, he was always a strong monster capable of defeating any threat that it had come across, making it an idol of worship for my brothers and I. When ever it appeared on screen everything else dissolved into the background, only making room for him in our minds. However after watching and reviewing the original and reminiscing of the 1998 American version of…

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Godzilla Reflection

The vision of kakkal

These are the thoughts that I had while watching the Godzilla film released in 1954:

  • The writing style used in Japan is different, in both the direction you are suppose to write/read and the characteristics that are use (Kanji). Which was displayed in the opening credits of the film.
  • The people on the mainland seemed to be more westernised then those on the islands, which I am basing on the clothing that they had worn.
  • The H-bomb tests in japan, was the supposed reason that Godzilla surfaced from his undersea cave, linking the film to events that japan was facing at the time (historical).
  • Godzilla survived and was made stronger by the H-bomb.
  • Godzilla was like an eminent threat looming over japan after the H-bomb, which they have to be prepared for.
  • The scenes between the couple; Ogata and Emiko (two of the protagonists) was very formal making it had to…

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