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My name is Jake Pascoe. This blog will be mainly for just documenting things I do in life, varying from Photo's, Coding, Projects or just general "Journal Entry's".

Massive Green Screen Success!

Since my last blog post, Dan and I have set up and filmed one of our videos for our projects, and we’ve analysed what worked and what didn’t. Dan and I came into the assignment confident of our video production skills, with great expectations of the results. While we’re both happy with the results of the video, i’m sure we can both agree that there were some elements that were successful, and others that weren’t.

We had assumed that the camera work would be easy if we set all the cameras up on tripods, pressed record then synced up the footage afterwards through an audio spike, but it proved to be a bit harder than we imagined. We had issues with cameras stopping the recordings at different times (this is due to the SD card writing speeds and the limitations that the companies put on the cameras to avoid taxes…

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Video Techniques for Autoethnography

For my individual research project, I wanted to explore the differences in films produced and released in Asia, compared to the movies I usually watch. I wanted to examine what I thought was normal, and what I thought wasn’t normal, but how their different techniques affected the film overall, and how it affected my overall opinion of the film.

So to achieve this, I had to set up an environment where I could watch an asian movie, and also record my reactions to the movie, so I could clearly show through my expressions, what I thought wasn’t normal – or at least in my culture. I found that a friend of mine also had a similar idea, so we decided to help each other out throughout the process, but we would both have our assignments reacting to an individual film.

When Dan and I were discussing how the best way…

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Cultural Interference

After watching State of Play, and recounting my initial findings and thoughts as field notes, I had some time to do some further thinking and research to understand my findings. I first noticed some large cultural differences between our eSporting community, and their eSporting community.

I researched into how these eSport players would carry around their own keyboards. I watched as many interviews and documentaries about famous athletes and sports players, and noticed how many of them would bring and wear their ‘lucky boots’, or would do some sort of routine out of superstition that would give them luck. So the idea that eSport players would carry around their keyboards to every event is pretty normal!

I then looked into the cultural understanding of eSports and how to get into them professionally. I found that a lot of the South Korean communities see eSports as either a huge business and opportunity…

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State of Play and eSports

During our recent DIGC330 class, we watched a film called ‘State of Play’, which is a documentary around the craziness and lifestyle of eSports in South Korea. It was great to not only see the culture of the industry, but to actively use Ethnography to observe and witness the differences and features of the eSport industry. After watching the filming and reflecting on what I saw, I came to conclusions based on my personal experience with the eSports industry – otherwise known as using auto ethnography.

So what does all this gibberish mean? Basically what i’m trying to describe, is the two approaches of analysing and conducting research in the field. While Ethnography is the act of making observations and conducting interviews through research, Autoethnography is the act of coming to your own conclusions through your own research, by submersing yourself in the research itself, whether by watching…

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