Author: Chris Gwynne

Imperialism, Narrative & Setting in Anime: Then & Now

Chris Gwynne

Presented by Bianca, Courtney, Tamara and Chris.


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A crazy ‘Hi Score Girl’ in a parallel high-school world

Chris Gwynne

5d32f11b39063-hi-score-girl-x-evo-2019Bitfeed (2019)

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You know what they say: ‘Cake’ it til you make it

Chris Gwynne

aaminasheikh_15_3_2018_14_7_33_200Newsline Magazine (2018)

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‘Furie’ously delving into “domestic” & “foreign” audience culture

Chris Gwynne

812x1200-Home-Ent (1)Well Go USA (2019)

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What ‘Love for Sale’ lovingly entails

Chris Gwynne

20200102_144328IMDB (2018)

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