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“Society hasn’t pressured or encouraged me…”

As my topic is an exploration of not so much facts and statistics, but rather of shared opinions which dictate social norms and the mainstream, a platform which really offers a greater insight into the opinions of the general public is video content on YouTube. YouTube is literally a hub where anyone, anywhere can upload a video which contains any form of content such as comedy skits, cooking tutorials and real life news content completely at their own discretion (although with some regulations regarding copyright and sensitive topics). This therefore allows for greater citizen journalism on every topic imaginable and with this comes more opinion and more instances of autoethnography to be evident.

In my trawling through the endless videos available on YouTube, I came across this highly fascinating video called “Grace Neutral Explores Korea’s Illegal Beauty Scene” which is a half-hour documentary produced with i-D – a sub-channel of VICE

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Korean VS. Western beauty ideals

For my major project, my area of interest is in comparing Korean beauty ideals and Western beauty standards and exploring how cultures impact an individual’s perceptions of beauty. As a beauty and cosmetics fanatic, I can be found in my room religiously watching YouTube beauty tutorials, reading articles about the latest looks and items which are trending, laughing at the memes circulating social media or in store at Mecca Cosmetica with my hand covered in lipstick swatches. Make-up has become such a priority for me that I even want to dedicate my life to working in the head office of a global cosmetics house.

Due to this constant immersion into the beauty realm, I was particularly drawn to one social trend which blew up online and that was the rise of Korean beauty ideals. These ideals were gaining attention and giving rise to ‘Korean Inspired’ beauty tutorials online, more articles…

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