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Conclusions on Ghost in the Shell.


Following my two previous posts on Ghost in the Shell and Anime overall, i wanted to elaborate on my points and bring up some conclusions on how the film has effected my perspective on anime.

Firstly, Ghost in the Shell’s themes and anime as a medium for children. Ghost in the Shell is a dark film, it challenges adult themes and events. This seems to be the case for a lot of anime that i watch, its aimed almost exclusively at young men, but not children. Ghost in the Shell for me is a perfect example of what anime can be, what it can offer older audiences and how it is not just children’s cartoons. This made me think about my first exposure to “anime”, in the form of Pokemon on morning TV. I suppose that Pokemon left an impression on me that all animation was for children, as i…

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Expanding on my experience – Ghost in the Shell and Anime


Gosh, i’ve watched a lot of anime these past few weeks, and given some time to digest and reflect on Ghost in the Shell and its place within the medium i’ve expanded on some points i noted in the first post.


Firstly, i wanted to build on my highlight of the question of what it means to be human? and what it is life?, which was a strong theme in Ghost in the Shell. When thinking about how this film appears in the context of Japan, i made a connection between the prevalence of technology in the film and the rapid westernisation of japan. This connection for me represents how quickly the Japanese had to adapt following their contact with the western world, e.g. the introduction of guns. I think this event is pretty significant in the way the Japanese view innovation and technological advancement, and i can see this…

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Ghost in the Shell – An Auto-ethnographic Responce


Ghost in the Shell

Ive watched Ghost in the Shell a number of times as a piece of entertainment in my own time, i never really considered the way it made me think and feel as a piece of Asian Media or just media in general. Ive always approached this film as a simple piece of entertainment and ignored the cultural and social significance of the story, characters and setting of the film.

Asian media seems to have a strong connection to the future, and Ghost in the Shell fits that trend for me. (although i do have a thing for sci fi so it could be coincidence) Thats an aspect of anime in general that always attracted me, the way it allows us to travel into these fantastic worlds that would be almost impossible in traditional western media.


The question of “what does it mean to be human” in…

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