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Antique said

“In the communication
layer, value is extracted through the sale of hardware, software subscriptions, data packs and other forms of access rents. In the distribution
layer, value is extracted through content subscriptions, pay-per-view
offerings, user-generated content and the bulk of the world’s advertising revenues.”

This reflects on my chosen topic I talked about in blog post 3 which was the gaming industry in Asia and now I will expand on this reflecting on the income it makes using the Antique chapter provided and the topic of Platforms as Transactional Systems. The quote above reflects on how subscriptions of popular platforms among Asia has formed great value through the sale of hardware, software subscriptions and data packs, especially those you can get via steaming platforms and online gaming content. For example, Twitch has not only become ig in Australia, but in parts of the Asia-Pacific…

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The Gaming Industry in Asia


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I wanted to talk about the gaming industry in Asian countries for this blog post as I discovered that one of the most recent top selling video games in Japan was Animal Crossing: New Horizons. In week 3 of Digital Asia, we discussed Esports and Games in Asia drawing from our live screening, AlphaGo. So in this post, I will discuss the gaming industry in Asia, why it is so popular using statistics and facts, and how the online gaming industry in Asia is going to look in the future (will it grow?).

Week 3’s lecture reading on the digital gaming culture in Vietnam was an interesting read for me, I learnt about how big it is in particular areas of Asia, why it is so big in Vietnam and I was able to draw from this study and relate it back to the general topic of…

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ALPHAGO (2017)



A snappy and mind-boggling documentary about a 3000-year-old board game and a A.I. program.

AlphaGo - The Movie | Full award-winning documentary - YouTube

Directed by Greg Kohs, AlphaGo is a thrilling documentary which showcases a man against a machine in a battle for superiority over an ancient Chinese game. One more milestone in humanities path to a robo-ruled future is passed in Greg Kohs’ AlphaGo, the tale of the AI program that dominated the most muddled table top game at any point developed. Going to a great length to say the accomplishment it accounts is as yet far from Skynet, the film does powerfully pass on the shock with what people abruptly acknowledge they have been overwhelmed a long time before they expected to be. Including and impactful if some of the time less useful than it very well may be, the film ought to have bid on link after its short dramatic run.

Watching this film, I…

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People’s Republic of Desire (Hao Wu, 2018)


This semester in BCM320, we will be exploring the concepts and surrounding topics on Digital Asia including digital transactions in Asia, Asian media and communication practises, industries and texts.

For my first blog post for this subject, I will be focusing especially on one of the specific sub themes identified in the “Digital Transactions in Asia” chapter by Athique (2019). The theme I will be focusing on is Asia in the Digital Age and I will be further drawing on my first live tweeting experience and the film screened this week, People’s Republic of Desire (Hao Wu, 2018).

Asia in the Digital Age

A new wave of digital innovation is reshaping Asia, raising the region’s growth potential throughout East, South and Southeast Asia. Asia’s overwhelming growing technology advancements are quick to lead successful pathway into the world with multiple leading regions creating a superior position in digital innovation. Today…

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