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BCM320 Week 5 – New Japan Pro Wrestling

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For my blog post this week, we have been asked to talk about an experience encountering an Asian media, product, text, topic, or service with an autoethnological approach. Therefore, I will be focusing this bost around my first experience in watching a New Japan Pro Wrestling Match.

I am a wrestling fan and have been for many years now. I grew up watching WWE and cried when my favourite wrestler, Jeff Hardy, was made to retire from WWE in late August 2009. I dropped off watching WWE due to this and also due to moving houses and also away from friends who watched wrestling. I had a substantial break between 2011 and 2014. In 2014 I came back to WWE harder than ever and became a hardcore fan of the product. In 2017, my whole life as a wrestling fan hanged when I saw an insane gif on Facebook.tenor


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BCM320: Akira

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Akira (1988) is a very interesting movie. It’s a movie that has inspired and moved so many parts of popular culture both in the west and the east that it has now become a staple classic talked alongside movies such as The Godfather and Pulp Fiction. The movie brings a lot of questions to the table and aims to explore things such as nuclear weapons and the ethics behind them, and whether God exists and what would happen if humans had the same power as an all-powerful being. This was my first time watching this film and I honestly wish I hadn’t. There was nothing wrong with the film, it was just how I experienced it. We watched the film in a university classroom with light bleeding through the dodgy blinds and on a crappy projector. It didn’t help that we watched the dub instead of the sub, but…

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BCM320 Week 1 – The Host

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Today we watched the host. a 2006 movie directed by Boon Joon-ho (who also directed the 2013 film, Snowpeircer). Man, this was a weird movie. I am an Australian born and bred bloke. All my family are Aussies and not really ones who express an interest in eastern cultures. I’ve had first-hand experience with some eastern cultures during my trips to Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Cambodia. I have only started to dip my toes into the water of eastern culture in the past few years with my love of Japanese Wrestling being the forerunner in my search and understanding of these cultures. I have done little research into South Korean culture but much more into Japanese culture. Now I don’t know whether this is just how South Korean cinema is or that this film is truly a masterpiece in its own right, but here are the things that I observed…

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