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Week 3 – Akira

Week 3 blog

Learning through Experiencing

According to Ellis, Autoethnography is “An approach to research and writing that seeks to describe and systematically analyze (graphy) personal experience (auto) in order to understand cultural experience (ethno)” (Ellis, 2004). Now I am sure you have read that definition probably about 100 times over, due to the fact that that’s what the first sentence was in the reading. But hey, hundredth time is a charm, right?

If that definition wasn’t mundane enough for you, here is a Youtube video that talks about the meaning of ethnography in a more in-depth fashion.

Along with Digital Asia, I too have not had a whole lot of experience with autoethnography, so this subject is really out of my comfort zone. But through live-tweeting the movies, I have found that is has led me to have a greater understanding of not only autoethnography but also the concept of Digital Asia. As through live-tweeting…

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Week 1 – The Host

Learning through Experiencing

Digital Asia, this term was foreign to me until quite recently, when I was searching for elective subjects to help carry me through to the end of my degree. Now I am going, to be honest, in saying that this is not a subject that I would usually pick, nor be interested in.  But in coming to the end of my degree, I thought it would be fitting to try something out of my comfort zone, and as I had the spare credit points, I thought BCM 320 would be the perfect place to use them.

For this blog, we were asked to ‘write a personal response to the film screened this week’, whilst drawing from our live-tweeting sessions, as well as integrating an analysis of our own culture. When I walked into my first BCM 320 seminar and we were told we had to ‘live-tweet’ whilst watching a movie…

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