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BCM320 Contextual Essay K-Dramas


Within my digital Artefact I explored Korean Dramas specifically those available for western consumption on Netflix, I had very little to no actual exposure to K-Dramas in the past and even had somewhat of distaste for endeavouring to experience them. This was because I felt that the actual content of K-Dramas couldn’t possibly be appropriate for what I generally watch which is usually action content. I think the real issue here comes from the assumption that K-Drama implies that the medium can only be romantic drama and be unable to move beyond that yet I saw a great deal of K-Dramas with rom-com elements and even action and fantasy genres that I would never even consider to associate with them. The field site I chose to study this cultural medium was Netflix as there are a great deal of them on Netflix as their internationally is a widespread interest in…

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BCM320 A review on My Narrated experience


So let’s talk about my previous post, regarding my experience watching Korean dramas.

Early in this video we can see how I point out my bias against the idea of even participating in watching a Korean drama, this is because I felt that it wouldn’t be something that I would enjoy watching. In regards to this I’d like to briefly reference Christiane Kraft Alsops autoethnographic work in regards to the idea of home and away in the German language. I found her analysis very interesting in regards to her questions of the meaning of what is defined as ‘home’ and what is ‘away’ or ‘foreign.’ By exploring these ideas, it made me consider that even when self-reflecting on my position and history in regards to Korean dramas I’ve never once considered why I consider the idea of watching Korean dramas foreign to me culturally. After all, I wouldn’t define k-pop…

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BCM320, Korean Dramas, Aren’t that bad…


This week I watched a Korean Drama for the first time, it was certainly not the worst thing I’ve watched, and I’m not sure how I feel thinking that It wasn’t actually too bad…

Some info on the show I watched can be seen here

I reference Andy Warhol’s hamburger video, so if you’re interested you can read up on it here.

If you’re interested in watching ex Pm, Onion-kun consume a delicious succulent onion then you can see it here.

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BCM320 Gojira and Livetweeting


This week in class I experienced my first time live tweeting, while I consider myself somewhat of an experienced user of social media while working on my own personal endeavours in both YouTube and business I think I’ve got some insight on the kind of quirky intelligent post that draws interest.

While I’m of the opinion that meme culture is a necessary evil within the space of live tweeting it felt from that experience that the idea of using a meme for live tweeting was oversaturating the space and instead of participating in an intelligent discussion about the film much of the live tweeting content was simple or dated memes or pop culture references which are relatively relatable to Godzilla. While I also participated in this format of ‘meme tweeting’ I felt like the medium of twitter doesn’t exactly allow for intelligent posts to even be created entertainment driven notion…

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