soju + shoujo


(soju = Korean alcohol, shoujo = Japanese anime)

To say that I’m a foreigner to Asian cultures would be the equivalent of saying that pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza (it does!), as I have Indonesian blood coursing through my veins. If asked where I’m from, it would be so simple to say that my sisters have skin the colour of our ancestors’ sand. But my premature exposure to the Australian culture has manufactured my cultural identity as a ‘whitewashed’ Asian female – yes, I am an Australian citizen but no, I don’t own an Australian birth certificate.

Watching my fellow co-auto-ethnographers burrow into profound analysations of a culture in relation to their own presented to me how cultures were scrutinised by outsiders. Those who admitted unfamiliarity toward Asian cultures may be the parallel adjacent of how the Australian culture was once incongruous to me. 

On the other hand, I’ve also…

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akira; past and future


Akira’s graphics and story content were very advanced for it’s time!

  1. They predicted that the Olympics would be in Tokyo in the year 2020 (see: link)
  2. The manga was over 2,000 pages long and the story board for the film was 738 pages, yet Otomo managed to condense it into a 2 hour film
  3. 50 colours were made exclusively for the movie


I’m even further impressed when I learnt that Kanye was a huge fan to the point he even added scenes to his music video, ‘Stronger,’ and argues that the topics addressed in the movie continues to be relevant to the world we live in today. 

Even from just watching Akira, there was many locations or vibes that resonated familiarity from other movies. I’d begin to think that some would have influenced Akira, but even more than that, Akira influenced other movies. 

  • The street scenes in…

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봉준호의 the host



There’s always first times;

First time live tweeting and first time watching a Korean monster movie.

So, I’ll reveal why I was interested in this subject- I have just returned from South Korea for an exchange and thought I could compare what actually goes on in Asia and the Western reactions to the Asian culture. And boy, a semester wasn’t enough for me to see the movie with a Korean perspective- I was still looking at it with my whitewashed eyes. So it’s difficult to see if my ‘background/exposures’ effected how I responded to the movie – as I’m an Asian who grew up in a Western context but still knows a lot about the Asian culture. Which half is influencing my view of the movie? Maybe both?

I was very happy that the class wasn’t going to present the genre most connected to South Korea: Korean drama. So yes…

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