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Blog post 3: What the movie changed about me


While I as of now have not yet dug deeper into the Animation culture and apparent world that it creates. Anime is a large culture and I knew that before I ever watched Ghost in the shell, however I did not know why it was so popular. After doing further research on the film itself, the significance of the film in the anime world is apparent to what I originally thought. I assumed that my professor specifically chose a film that was a significant part of Anime history.

Watching this film reminded me that now is as good a time any any to start watching anime. As mentioned in earlier blog posts, I had not seen any Japanese anime outside of Pokemon and DBZ. I had long been interested in it and have been telling myself that I would take some time to start watching some of the classic anime…

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Blog post 2: Reflection of experience with Anime


When I first watched Ghost in the shell and wrote my first blog I had no prior knowledge of the cult following and high regard the Anime is held in amongst Anime fans. I thought the film was wonderfully executed and it increased my curiosity towards anime and Japanese culture. I enjoyed the fact that it left a lot to the imagination in regards to the workings of the futuristic world it is set in.

After watching the film and reflecting on what I learned I was intrigued in the similarities I saw between it and The Matrix. I then found a YouTube video that compared the two films. While the plots are relatively different aside from the futuristic world based around machines, I learned that the producers of The Matrix were fans of Ghost in the Shell and were trying to recreate the production of Ghost in the Shell…

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First blog post: movie ghost in the shell


This movie was my first introduction to Japanese Anime in many years but I am aware of the genres existence and its ideologies. Although the film is over 20 years old, the animation still appears very fresh to my eyes. The characters appear western looking, and the use of Japanese characters is minimal. Obviously I can acknowledge that the film was originally produced in Japanese and later dubbed in English. My first introduction to anime was when I was a child watching cartoons such as pokèmon and dragon ball z. Although these programs were very popular with children, they also appealed to adults from all over the world. Ghost in the shell is obviously aimed specifically at adults with its adult content including brief nudity. I don’t feel that the nudity really had much of an impact on my experience with the film, as in my opinion it was nothing…

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