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Hi, I'm Emily! I'm a Sydney-based journalist at Prime Creative Media. I adore looking after my many plants, spending time outdoors, creating memories with my wonderful friends and family, and simply living my life to the fullest.

Eating Korean Food for the First Time – Mukbang Contextual Report — Establishing Emily

Project Summary My digital artefact project for BCM320 is a mukbang YouTube video called Eating Korean Food for the First Time – Mukbang.  I developed this project because I wanted to explore mukbang, a core element of Korea’s digital platform, whilst also exploring their food, which is a significant element of Korean culture. I had also never […]

Eating Korean Food for the First Time – Mukbang Contextual Report — Establishing Emily

Reflecting on the New Wave of Cinema — Establishing Emily

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the New Wave of Cinema in India since the world plunged into a global pandemic. Today, I’m going to write an autoethnography analysing my initial reflection on this topic. I discussed the detrimental impact the Covid-19 pandemic, and its subsequent lockdowns, has had on the Indian film […]

Reflecting on the New Wave of Cinema — Establishing Emily

When Cultures Integrate — Establishing Emily

This week we watched Asia Rising: The Next Generation of Hip Hop (2019), a documentary delving into the rise of Asian hip hop music. As the internet has gained prominence, the assimilation of cultures has been widespread (Athique and Baulch, 2019). In Asia, as more people started to use the internet to explore different genres […]

When Cultures Integrate — Establishing Emily

Can the real Alpha please stand up? — Establishing Emily

AlphaGo (2017) is a documentary directed by Greg Kohs that follows an Artificial Intelligence program named AlphaGo on its journey to conquer the world of ‘Go’. Now firstly you may be asking, “what is Go?” I wondered the same. Wait the game “Go” seems very confusing? What are the rules? #bcm320 — Emily Murphy (@emilymurphy997) […]

Can the real Alpha please stand up? — Establishing Emily

People’s Republic of Desire — Establishing Emily

An auto-ethnographic analysis of People’s Republic of Desire (2018) People’s Republic of Desire (2018) is a documentary following two live streamers, Shen Man and Big Li, on Chinese platform YY, as they fight to become the number one. These live streamers exist in a world that is unimaginable for most people, with an unthinkable amount […]

People’s Republic of Desire — Establishing Emily

She was furie, she was wrath, she was vengeance

Headline is a slightly changed quote by Sarah J. Maas An auto-ethnographic analysis of Furie (2019) This week’s live-tweeting session was during a screening of the Vietnamese action film Furie. The film follows single mother, Hai, as she attempts to find her daughter who was abducted from the market in their small town and taken […]

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‘Love For Sale’: Can love really be bought?

An auto-ethnographic analysis of Love For Sale (2018) Love For Sale (2018) is an Indonesian film about a man who can’t find a date for a friend’s wedding and resorts to using a dating app instead. The catch? It has a 45-day contract. I live-tweeted my viewing of Love For Sale and am here to […]

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