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Walking into this weeks seminar, I was a stranger to Japanese anime films so was not sure what to expect from the film. The film became a classic, with a $9 million budget and hitting $49 million in the box office. The film is relatable – always one hero trying to save the world from some sort of corruption and a chaotic government. The Japanese anime film, Akira, intertwined with elements of a westernised culture that I am familiar with. For example, Kanye West, an American rapper and music producer proclaimed his love for the film via twitter and commentary in his music video for his pop hit, ‘Stronger’.

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Over the past three weeks, I have allowed myself to slowly deconstruct the idea of an auto ethnographic approach, making me able to be more self-reflective in understanding many different cultures including my own background.

Ellis et al. (2011), defines auto…

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‘The Host’ (2006) is a South Korean ‘monster film’ directed by Bong Joon-ho that focuses more on a dysfunctional family with an alcoholic brother, rather than an eastern culture horror film. The monster fish was introduced into the film within the first ten minutes, instead of there being a suspenseful build up. I found that the movie itself is no less dexterous, suddenly twisting from horror to comedy with extremely over the top reactions in certain scenes, such as the mourning of Hyun-seo which makes it more of a comedy.

The music in certain scenes could really transform emotions and feelings of the viewers as the music was not dramatic and dark, however it was almost light to make it comedic. The monster movie genre is a product of Hollywood and Japan – it is not a staple of South Korean popular culture. Japanese and the American influence on South…

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